Deities project :

John  has involved himself in a new project.

He 's collecting donations for Puspa Seva : to buy flowers for the Deities  -Parisisvara Deities  - of Paris  ; They need  a new garland made of fresh flowers each day,each morning .

For further informations , please contact me at:


aAll donators will receive photos of the Deities or a book on behalf of John;


Krishna and Radha :

Baladeva , Subhadra and Jagannatha:

Gaura , Nitai :



  aYou can also have a video tape (in English)about Prabhupada's life for 6 donation :

Abhay Charan ; The Video Epic... number 1 , number 2


other pictures........:





Parisisvara - 05 07 2004




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