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Danda Bhanga is considered to be the most sacred place .


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Danda Bhanga is an island in Orissa, north India situated five miles inland from Jagannath Puri and surrounded by two of India's most revered rivers, The Ganges and Jamuna. Jagannath Puri is the holy town in the state of Orissa, on the eastern coast of India.

Even though it is probably India's poorest state it is rich in kindness and spirituality.

The site has a deep meaning for vaishnava theologians and was all but lost to the world until a short time ago.

In 1996, John Richardson, founded a centre of light on the island. Soon after a food kitchen, Ashram, Mandir, flower and vegetable gardens and cows were situated there. On a daily basis poor folk would come to eat and join in meditation and bhakti yoga classes.

Everything was going nicely until the summer of 1999 when a super cyclone struck the area and 200,000 folks and a million cows were killed. By some miracle the Island of Danda Bhanga only lost a few trees. Being ideally situated a substantial relief effort was mounted feeding and clothing 2000 people daily. Things started to settle down a little until the August of 2001 when the worst flooding for 50 years wiped out 20,000 villages. Again the Island of Danda Bhanga escaped the flooding and was able to get involved in helping with the relief effort.

To keep this level of relief and to further improve the island more funds are needed.

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