1.Class given by John in Paris on Saturday ,March 3rd 2001:

John directly arrived from Germany where the Rubettes had a TV show to perform .

Alan dropped him off with his private plane at the Coulommiers airport in the suburb of Paris

John was expected at the airport at 12.30 p.m. but there was so much fog in Germany that they had to wait for the fog to dissipate before taking off !

People began to arrive for the class from 2.30 p.m. !!!!!!

We gave them some tea to make them wait and I talked with them to know them better ;

Most of the people had contacted me by e-mail , so I already knew their first names.

John arrived at the temple at 3.30 p.m.! phew ! Well , the main thing is that he has been here safe and sound !

He only took the time to put his things in his room , to get changed ...and he was ready !

He gave a class about reincarnation : It was due to last 1 hour ; it lasted 2 hours !


it was fascinating ! Moreover , John made us laugh regularly ! He knows how to make a class very lively !!!

He told us various stories very easy to understand even for the people who don’t know anything about the Vedic Scriptures .

Everybody enjoyed it very much !

Then , the temple gave a meal to everybody and we had dinner all together. John talked with the guests .

It was a very warm atmosphere.


2. Class given by John in London on Sunday ,April 22nd 2001:

John gave a class based on a text from the Srimad -Bhagavatam about the external presence of Krishna and the internal presence of Krishna .We can see the external presence of Krishna through the vegetation , the mountains ......All this is Krishna; and the internal presence of Krishna in our soul .


3. Class given by John in London on Tuesday ,April 24th 2001:

John gave a class into 3 parts :

He always have many stories to tell ! I do enjoy it !

Then , he made an experiment in front of us to show us the importance of the powers of the mantras and of the conscious ; it was so unbelievable !!!!!He asked a devotee to stand up; John told him to raise his arms at the horizontal and to resist John’s hand pressure. John pushed the devotee’s arm down but it was difficult. Then , John began the experiment again ;

he told the devotee to raise his arms at the horizontal and John whispered some words in another devotee’s ear ; John slightly touched the devotee’s arm with his fingers and the devotee could not resist at all ! then , John explained that it was because he whispered some negative words in the other devotee’s ear and as a result the 1st devotee lost all his capacities to resist ! It was to show us that the influence people have around us is very important ;They influence our abilities to do things or not ! that’s why we always must chant the Maha Mantra to purify ourselves , to protect ourselves and give ourselves strength .



John arrived in the temple room ; he took the time to look at the Deities then the arati began ; he lead the arati with enthusiasm .

Then the class began . He greeted the people he already knew and asked the name of the people he didn’t know.

He explained that believing in God is not tiresome and we shouldn’t think that following the principles and doing our rounds is boring .They lead us to Krishna.

Then John read the Bhagavad-Gîta , chapter 10 , text 40 which title is “the opulence of the absolute”.

He explained that Krishna has different manifestations and expansions :Rama , Buddha , Shyam (which means grey-blue , the colour of a stormy cloud) , Shyama sundara

They are different qualities of Krishna.

Then he told us a story from the Venu - Gîta written by his spiritual master Siva Rama Swami; He told us that as long as Krishna hadn’t come to the cowshed to touch the cows , to talk to them...... they wouldn’t give their milk ,nor feed their calves .Krishna knew all their names even if there were hundred of them ! John told us that the cows had different colours : white , ginger , black.... and their heads had different shapes : some of them had the shape of a mrdanga ! The horns had different shapes as well :curved , winded up, straight .......When a cow was missing , Krishna called it by its name, and the cow ran back!

At this moment ,John mooed !!!!!!! that was so funny !!!!!!

John also told that when Yasoda ( Krishna’s mother) came in Krishna’s room to wake him up in the morning , when he was a little child ,Krishna pretended he was tired as an ordinary child ! for his mother to take care of him as an ordinary mother would have done .Krishna was never tired because he is God himself ! Even when he had danced with the Gopis

( young girls) all the night , he wasn’t tired !

Krishna has got parents : a father and a mother in the spiritual world; there’s no before and no after there .So , his parents weren’t born before Krishna . They live at the same time of him .

Then John read 2 poems he wrote , inspired from the Venu - Gîta . The second poem was about the dance of

Krishna ; He read into rhythm , that was great !


     6.Class given by John in London on October 29th 2002:

    John gave a class about the demons.

If one is engaged in Krsna Consciousness , the mind is pacified .

1/ the mind is only satisfied when nourished by chanting .

    Satisfying our sense in a material way , doesn’t last for long. When chanting the Hare mantra , the mind is encouraged in Krsna Consciousness. The Maha Mantra gets the demon out of the mind . If one engages in Krsna consciousness ,the mind becomes pacified and then , Krsna consciousness develops ;

We need to nourish our body ; it’s the same for our soul ; Listening to the pastimes of Krsna and chanting Hare Krsna are very important .

Sarasvati said that “ if one takes this process of Krsna consciousness , there’s a taste for

it .The mind has a tendency to commit harm to us .Krsna consciousness neutralizes the poison of the senses . “Not only , that , the mind is also encouraged in becoming the servant of the soul , of Krsna ; And it’s done by the process of Bhakti yoga : Listening , hearing , chanting , even eating , even having sex for Krsna to have God consciousness children ;

    Then Jayadeva talked about demons . He talked about a rista demon which took the form of a bull but it was nearly an ass , because it was stupid .

He wanted to kill Krsna ; he was looking for him . And , so Kamsa sent lots of his demons’ friends ;

He sent one of his demon’s friend who is called Haristasura ; The demon took the form of a gigantic bull. He came to Vrindavan and created a lot of trouble .

Then Jayadeva read a text from the Srimad Bhagavatam : canto 10 , to tell us the story .

Haristasura came to Vrindavan. He came to a cowshed village. He made the Earth tremble !

Not only the human beings were frightened but the animals were frightened . Everybody ran to Lord Govinda for shelter .When the Lord saw the bull , he said : “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid!”

Krsna talked to the demon :” you , full! , what do you think , you’re doing ! frightening all the animals ! I’m here just to punish you !”

Then , Krsna slashed his arms to hit the bull ; He faced the demon . Then , the demon furiously charged Krsna . Harista rushed toward in a full speed like a thunderball ! Krsna threw the bull 6 yards in the air ! But the bull’s ego is so big that even if he knows he won’t win , he goes again ! He charged again ! the Lord thrashed him like if he was an old cloth ! He pulled out one of the demon ’s horns .Then he struck him ! the demon was killed .

It was a festival for the gopis’ eyes and the villagers and Krsna’s brother : Balaram.

After Haristasura being killed by Krsna , it was said that 2 boys killed a demon ; because nobody knew that Krsna was the Lord .

    Today is the appearance day of Radhakunda :

Radhakunda is a beautiful lake in the middle of Vrindavan .and it’s considered the centre of spiritual activities ;To bathe there , to meditate there , is the most astonishing experience for devotees to achieve .

Haristasura is a demon , but nevertheless is a bull , a cow . And we know that animals and especially the bulls and the cows are protected ; So , Krsna actually made a sin ! even though ; of course , He is sinless . Then , following the story of Krsna killing the demon , there are verses saying the origin of Radhakunda . The gopis said that even if the demon was a demon , he was a cow ! so they said :”don‘t touch us now , you, killer of a cow ! Then , now you have to go to each of the Holy places , from the top to the bottom of the universe ! and to perform some sacrifices to get free from your sin .”Why should I have to go to holy places ?” Krsna said ” This is the water from the Ganges- Bhogavati - here and I bathe in it ! all the holy places are here !” but the gopis didn’t see it as Krsna described .Lord Krsna bathed to purify Him .Then , the gopis made a pond with their hands . Krsna was astonished to see that ! Then , the gopis said to Krsna : “don’t bathe in this pond because of the terrible sin you did when killing the cow !” Then , Krsna said :” I’ll make my own pond !” Suddenly , Krsna ‘s pond appeared which is called Shamakunda ! “everyone who will bathe in this pond will become very dear to me “ said Krsna. So , that’s how Radhakunda became to be . So devotees are inspired to meditate there .

    We ‘re looking to serve Krsna through chanting , being humble . By chanting , we can become qualified and take shelter from Krsna. We can receive the love from Lord Krsna . To follow this programme , this would take you away from the path of ignorance . We , first have to quarrel the battlefield within our heart and we’ll be happy ; Krsna is attractive. Chanting , caring , learning, knowing the nature of the soul , knowing the concepts of life. Being Muslims , Christians are different process to come to God ; Even if we establish this Krsna Consciousness , we have to live for God .To achieve that stage , it’s so simple ! just chant Hare Krsna , Hare Krsna , Krsna Krsna ,Hare Hare .Hare Rama , Hare Rama ,Rama Rama , Hare Hare .And even if you are a Muslim or a Christian continue within your process , we’re just children of God . Then add a Mantra ;There are millions of the mantras in the Vedas you can choose . The right mantra of this age , Sri Caitanya maha prabhu brings, is the Maha Mantra Hare Krsna .The real identity can only be revealed this way : by chanting Hare Krsna , Hare Krsna , Krsna Krsna ,Hare Hare .Hare Rama , Hare Rama ,Rama Rama , Hare Hare .Things will change in your life; even tough changes in mind are still difficult .


  7. Class given by John  in Paris on February 26th 2003:

16h: We arrive . 

We welcomed the people who were there to listen to John's conference. The topics of the conference was about the past lives , this year .

First , John thanked the people who came to listen to him .The conference dealt with three different parts :

Human beings , God , reincarnation.                                                                                                           

Then , some questions were asked .Finally , John told us some experiences he had .                                   

1/Human beings:

 Whatever the colour of the skin may be , the race , the religion , There's only one human race: We all live on this planet. The Earth doesn't belong to us , we borrow it .It's a phrase from St Exupéry. .                                      

2/ God:

 whatever the name we give to God : Jehovah, Buddha ,Allah, Rama , Krishna, there's only one God for all of us.                                                                                                                                                                      

3/ Past lives : 

Past lives may have different forms of reincarnation ;Reincarnation can  take a vegetal , an animal or a human form of life. It depends on the consciousness we have at the end of one's life or at the end of one's past lives.There are 10 degrees .The one who reached the degree 10 , will reincarnate on a higher planet (There are 7 planets ; The earth is situated in the middle);The one who has a bad consciousness will  reincarnate as an animal form of life or as a human being who will have the same consciousness , waiting to understand his past mistakes and to improve his consciousness. Between two reincarnations , we can become ghosts. It's the case for people who suicide themselves .Their soul will wander as many years  as the person  should have stayed alive . This soul will wander while sufferings and being fustrated . It will suffer and be fustrated as much as the person was , before leaving his body. However , it's possible to be in contact with the soul  and to guide it thanks to experienced people. This needs that the family and the soul of the dead person work together.Children are more often in contact with ghosts than adults because their past lives are closer and their minds are still pure.

It exists some physical,  genetics  similarities between parents and children; It's because the soul is looking for a family which has the same physical and psychological similarities. The children corresponds to their parents, according to the Vedic texts. When a soul comes to a mother's womb , a reincarnation in a new body , the soul will corresponds to the parents ' physical and psychological features. Then the child's physical and psychological features will depend on the consciousness the soul had when it left the previous body and on the karma of the soul. When a person leaves its body , the soul stays in the gross body; It seperates from the material body.

We can easily understand this when we talk about Near Death  Experience.The soul floats above the body and everything can be seen. The physical eyes don't see ! The eyes are closed and can't see anything; but its soul does see what 's going on in the room ! That proves that the soul is immortal and is life.

First question:

Is it possible to see some past lives in our dreams? yes, it is.

Regression makes it possible to go back to our childhood , then to our birth, then to our life in our mother's womb and further to discover our past lives. Regression is possible through relaxation with music and lead by a therapist or a healer. The healer guides his client little by little and takes him back to his past life which causes problems . It can help to overcome and solve problems .

Experiences that John had with his clients : when Gaurangi was a baby , she cried a lot everytime she opened her eyes; John asked her why ?he made a regression on her and then he understood that Gaurangi was not happy to have taken birth again , on this earth .

Then , he told of somebody who had a hole in her heart. He made a regression on her and he found out  that she was shot in the heart at end of WW2 in her previous life.

To conclude: 

John's message is : Develop a massive arm of construction: an arm of love

We assited two aratis(time of prayers) during the conference .

Then , the temple gave us a meal (prasadam) and we had prasadam all together. John talked to the guests .  It was a very warm atmosphere.




8.Class given by John in London on Tuesday ,July 20th 2003:

            I’m so happy to see people inspired by looking at the Deities today ; looking at Krsna nicely , so interested in Krsna . Sometimes , people are looking interested because they are in pain ; sometimes , they are looking because they are inquisitive; sometimes , they are looking at them because they’re in love !and in any way ; we’re looking to Krsna , he’ll reciprocate with us .Hare Krsna !Krsna is SO nice like that !he can reciprocate with each one of us .

Krsna knows if you 're in pain .You don’t really have to tell Him because he knows ;but it’s a good chance for us to reveal our heart; Krsna knows our pains ;He knows our fears .but He 's not going to force you doing anything but only what you want !so it’s up to us , not to Him to say « My dear lord , I really need your help !; I’m not ashamed to bother you ;my situation is such that I admit that I’m myself powerless to do anything against the situation I‘m in! » and sometimes , it takes 3,4,5 times to realise you feel completely powerless; when you feel powerless , it’s a good thing ! the more we feel powerless ,the more we feel this lack of power, the more we wonder what power is there !

Sun 's coming out so much power !Earth's balanced so much power in our organs; Earth 's coming out so much power !stars are going round and coming out so much power ! so much power is there ! and I’m feeling so much powerless! so , who has the power ?someone else !we can invent all kind of philosophies by which we are really the powerful one but that’s called Mayavaha ; this is not wanted in Krsna consciousness !or we can just be honest , and say « it’s You , Krsna , You‘re the power !»Sri Ratiravarani is the power , actually ! Krsna’ s the powerful ,and when we get to that point , it ’s a very sweet moment in our history ;it’s one of the sweetest moment : it’s not painful , not poison and it’s also nectar ! all mix in one !first , we ‘ll have to note that we can’t do anything by my fate ;we can’t go away ! ;I can’t do anything about my lack of knowledge ; I just can’t become intelligent ;so that point in time , we become humble ! and when we become humble , we ‘re become empty as if we’d been knocked over ! ,then we can open up to Krsna’ s mercy ; and that’s a major thing ; why ? because His mercy is eternal !

He’s always been there , even before we knew he was Krsna ! when we were told He was Allah , when we were told He was Buddha , when we were told He was Christ , or we didn’t think He was anyone at all still we was working with us ! but we’ve been around SO many times , our soul is eternal because it’s part of eternal potency of the Lord who is eternal; Listening to me at the moment, and sitting here with eyes open , is temporary ;you must remember :it’s temporary ;now , it’s your choice, you can listen with mundane materially ears , and watch with materially and mundane eyes , and you won’t go out with anything other than just what you can do with ! or you can listen with your soul ,the soul is actually the power , it gives life to this body ; this body is sometimes beautiful or sometimes ugly , it’s just a temporary overcoat to the soul , you all know that everyone; all the designations that it has are temporary until you’ve come to that point of emptying out ; when you empty out , then you can really start and listen and really start to hear ; and when we really start to hear , we can learn chastity ;we can learn how to be chaste to truth, chaste to love and soon as this moment come , you can identity what is truth and what is false; and then you may start to pray because you may start to gain some faith and as you go with faith to God Krsna ,in one , wonderful things happens . When my friend told me : “I started to pray to God ,things just happened ! too happy to understand ! ”it’s because it’s reality !what has He been doing to us ?He makes us like puppets !

        On Saturday night ,I was on stage in France , there were 12 thousand people; we were performing our drumming thing , and then one of the guys of the band upset me ; and I just became furious in front of 12 thousand people !swearing under my breath ; and I thought :"Oh , my God , where does it come from ? I’m supposed to be a devotee and I’m swearing at this person !” Krsna smashed me in front of 12 thousand people ! smashed me completely !I felt so bad !anything that I have felt for Krsna , completely went !and I was feeling in so much agony !because I’ve been rude ! and when you read this pride , it’s the enemy , and it’s actually demoniac ! the demons are 100% prideful people; they may be handsome , they may be strong , they may be powerful , but they don’t love Krsna ;and just because of one thing : they ‘re full of pride! because , they’re against the truth !so pride comes up in such a frightened thing ,all suddenly , we can be full of pride !I can’t stand it to be full of pride !and all the jewels goes away; all the pleasure goes away in life ;and then :“I realised I’m full of pride and I thought I wasn’t !”so , this is a good thing ! because Krsna is revealing to us ; he’s smashing us ; smack across the face ! look at you ! this is what you really are ! this is the thing that stops you from seeing Me(Krsna) everyday , or hearing My flute or hearing my ankle bells ,or hearing something , or seeing something from Me (Krsna);this is stopping you ; “Krsna , how can you do this in front of 12 thousand people ?” “because , nothing else , Jayadeva , will never stop you !you have to have such a horrible medicine ! and feeling yourself so bad ! to do this ,otherwise , I will never have the opportunity to reciprocate nicely with you ; so Krsna smashes our pride ,and the pride is lurking there is everyone of us ;somewhere is something ;he reveals us ; sometimes , it’s very painful ;and it’s so painful that we cannot look after our family members ;we are pride ourselves of being father , husband , and lover , mother ; Krsna takes that away as well; we should try to protect our family members but it’s all done by destiny which is all done by Krsna ;so we must come to that point of time : we’re powerless ;the power is there but :who has it ? does she have it ? do you have it ? can I get from you ? yes , we may make few friends and say don‘t worry , I will do this , I will do that !;but soon , illness ,...something awful may happen to them and they’re taken away from us too ! Krsna can take away ; we can think :“Krsna I thought you were God” , “yes ” but not all the supplier ; I don’t supply your demands; I’m in a love distance and what you are thinking , love and reciprocate with me , I can’t get the taste for it ;you can think : “oh , I’m handsome ; oh , I’m doing nice service ; oh , I‘ve picked some nice flowers for Krsna ”and Krsna does :“if you could compare what really is there in the spiritual world and what I ‘ve been given in Dwarka , Mathura , Vrndavan on a daily basis you’ll be very embarrassed ! prideful to try to get me !so bit by bit , we start realising , we have nothing to give Krsna !but , we have everything to give Him !he’s still interested ! why ?because he wants that gold inside your heart ! what is the gold inside your heart ?; something that ‘s been left for billion of years , covered and covered with dust ;it’s the soul ! that soul is a billlion of billion suns and it loves Krsna so much , so heart-breaking much that it loves the Lord !and He wants that ! and if you could give Him that you ‘re gonna be happy ; you ‘ll never be temporary again ; you’ll never be sad; but if you are sad , guess what ? sadness is such a wonderful feeling , we can stand it ; we can pray for it to come everyday; you must cry for Krsna , dance for Krsna ; love for Krsna , everything for Krsna ; we’ll be free and happy then !(Jayadeva sings ): « You’ll let me stranded between two worlds » Which world are we in ? material world or spiritual world ?so , Krsna is trying to stranded you ; why ? « get down there , you rascals ! » we wanted something else but he was given us ; Krsna is fully qualified to love everybody ;when the loving exchange turns to : « you please me Krsna » , then it’s time for us to go to spiritual world and leave the material world what we've been doing for billions of years ;sometimes , we’re African ; sometimes , we’re Indian ; sometimes French, sometimes cockney , sometimes Bengali , sometimes Polish ! round and round ; so we have to stop the spinning wheel , get off , and chant Hare Krsna ; and then we’ll experience something ; we’ll experience the happiness , we’ll see Krsna ; we’ll see Him ;We want to love Him and we want him to love us ;fully ! Only Krsna can fully reciprocate with you ! at all levels !Only He can do that ;Only He can do that !he’s the doer ;even when he is the son of MotherYasoda ; only Krsna can take you to the zenith , to the top .

Even the dust in Vrindavan can experience prime love , the highest states of prime love are experienced in different entities there ;The fish becomes stunt when Krsna plays His flute ;sometimes , the moon stops flowing ; it can’t flow ; it has to stay there !it doesn’t want to pass by ; it want to capture this moment so it stay still ;so liquid things , sometimes , they just stop still and don’t move when Krsna’ s flute’s playing ;and other times , stones which don’t really move , melt ;Krsna is full of contradictions ;but when you learn the science of love of God or try to understand the love of God ; Krsna is immaculate ;and He loves you . He doesn’t thing : I’m gonna reciprocate that person , he just thinks : « I can’t but I wish I could !  » so , he sends himself in the form of Sri Caitanya MahaPrabhu ; he doesn’t see of any of our faults ;Caintanay Mahaprabhu gives prime; Krsna is not giving ; Caintanay Pahaprabhu gives his prime-vary vary rare ; prime is rare enough ;the prime that is experienced in Vrindava is the highest : nature love of God .so in this age , we’ve got the opportunity , through his chanting to experience the prime ; Please don’t let the time pass !

        Any comments , or suggestions on that ? Everybody’s happy with that ?.I haven’t depressed you , have I ? (laugh);Ok!

        I’m just going to read a little story from a book written by my Guru maharaj ; he is a disciple of His divine Grace A.C. Baktivedanta swami Prabhupada :

source of reading :No Paraye Ham - volume two by Sivara swami ; page 174 line 12 to page 177 line 10.

I’ve just come up by train today, and I thought : « oh , this is a nice little story ! I think I tell you this one .

This is what happen in the spiritual world; you might think , everybody is falling on the floor , lying down , worshipping Krsna , Lord Visnu or Lord Narayan, actually , no ! Krsna gives sometimes a little gamble !There is a picture here ; can you see this picture ? There' s Radha , LaVisaka Lalita , Krsna , Madhumangala, Sutha and they’re palying dice !they’re in the game of gambling ! it’s very naughty !

« In the north -west corner of Radha Kunda , ..............sakhas and sakhis ,- do you know what sakhas are ? they are boys and girls , cowherd boys and cowherd girls .........................was Hari’s advisor ».

Madhungala is a fatty boy ;he’s just sitting next to Krsna there with my finger on him . He ’s very very funny .He considerates himself the doyen of Vedic truth ; he’s always saying ; «  I will tell you Krsna what to do  » .He’s always organising Krsna ’s loving way .He ’s very very funny .Radhika is very hot- tempered ; sri Rati Radharani is middle ;

« And Lalita ...............Radha »

Radha’s dice were what colour ? dark blue like Krsna .

« Gauri’s..........Rangini »  They bet on a doe and a deer .Like we have pets , they have pets too .

« To the Rowdy applause ..........eating ; »

Madhumangala is always eating ! he 's a fat boy!

« Madhumangala thought .............tree »

Sarika is the name of a parrot .

« seeing this , the assembled sakhis ..........Sundara....................first »

who is Sundara ? he’s Krsna .

« When Radhika saw Syama............board. »

Gauri : that’s Radha

« Gauri...........Intelligence is needed. »

Krsna , you’re just a cowboy and all you understand is looking after the cows !!!!!! you have only 17 , so you’re not so good !

« Te referee announced ..............flute »

Radharani is now staring up; she’s looking at him ;Krsna 's lost ! she wants Krsna’s flute because with that flute , Krsna can get everyone ! Radha said to him : « give your flute .   I have won it ........»..«I cannot give it . »

Krsna seems a bad loser !He is a bad looser !

« Not to be put off ............cheered Then on »

Radha , Radhe , Radhe ! pull the flute ! pull it of it ! Shyam , pick up that flute ! Don’t let it in.

This is so much fun !

« Radha said , « I have won ........................snapped»

At the night time ,Krsna plays the flute and everybody comes back , comes running because they hear the flute .

« I want to throw this creature .........Humiliated .» page 177

The story goes on .It’s a wonderful story of the Gopies pastimes . So Krsna is not sitting on the throne all the time , making the Christian people to go to heaven ; and the Hare Krsna go to Hell or this one , or that one . He ‘s not interested in that . And the person who loves Him can get Him ; Regardless of whether he’s a Muslim , a Christian , a Jewish , whatever ; Love is the only thing God is looking for . So when you love Him that much , you enter into that , and call Him his names ; because he knows. It’s the deepest love for Him .This is God .This the real meaning of God .The other starts controlling , but there’s nothing to do with Krsna;

So the pastimes are from this book :« No Paraye Ham , I am unable to repay you » because your love is so great !

        Now , while we’re waiting for the prasadam (sanctified food lunch); could you put the 3rd song, please ? don’t put it too loud .

        When I was a child  - I don’t know what your childhood was like , but you have different types of child bringing - my upbringing was not particularly happy in the sense that things can happen to small people and so we ‘ve all been through different things . Sometimes we got all depressed , a little lonely and things like that which happens to all of us and then I discovered music ; we got a radio. I listened to music on a radio ; and later on we got a television .So I discovered 2 singers from America , that’s why I always sing in an American accent  'cos I learnt to sing listening to American singer. My daughter always say to me : «  why do you sing with an American accent ? » that’s how I used to sing ! she sings in an English accent !

 So these singers are called the Heavenly brothers .Have you ever heard of them ? probably , no one has ! And they were my favourite ; They gave me hope ! these songs are about love and all those things .I loved them so much . And they were very pleasant to hear like angels .And I was a big fan .

So many years later , I was thinking as a devotee , at the time of death .So I thought , I’m gonna change all the words of the Heavenly brotherssongs to Krsna conscious .So I’ve all these different songs about Krsna .They are the real songs but I just changed the words ; so I can engage myself in another way.

So this one is called : « Until Krsna »  . It was to be called : « Until I kissed you » (laugh)  . And now it ‘s turned into : « Until Krsna » . Turn up now , louder , please .Jayadeva sings .

For more information , click on the title : CD : Devoted to you -   ( July 2003)

applause !

another one : « Let it be me »

Haribol !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Krsna is qualified , and then we become qualified to receive his love .

Jayadeva sings ;

this first prime has been given by Prabhupada by our Iskcon gurus,by the disciplic succession .

Jayadeva sings the mantra :

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

It ‘s the way to get it ; chant ,chant whole day ; don’t stop ; eventually chant whole night , I can’t do it but ...I know people who can ; it’s possible , if your intend is there you can chant whole night and whole day ; you’ll be in such happiness ! ; and that ’s why we’re here for to be happy , aren’t we ? we don’t want to feel miserable !



9.Class given by John in London on Tuesday ,August 19th 2003:

    Jayadeva chants the Maha Mantra he’s getting ready and ’s taking his sit.

    How is everybody today ? because it was hard to have everybody to sing at the kirtan today !He imitates the devotee singing in a sluggish way (laugh).It was !This man was the only one to push you ! It worries me that I’m louder than 50 people in the room !So you have to sing louder for Krsna ,’cos he’s here. He’s really here ; I mean ‘cos he’s everywhere ; that means that He’s everywhere in everything !But still , He is very very much present in these Deities.

    Srila Prabhupada installed these Deities so many years ago and he said I can’t say for every Deities in Iskcon but I can surely say for Radha Londonisvara that Radha and Krsna are present .He said that ! so , we should go mad when we realise that Krsna is really there !and it’s not just some marble statue or some pictures ! He’s really in this room! It’s really nice to know that Krsna is here and he’s accepting our offering of chanting or dancing..... ;Krsna is appreciating everything .And Prabhupada is get the golden great lamps to give you this great blessing.

    You know , so many years ago , Prabhupada was on his own ;Only one thing he had was the instructions of his spiritual master to print books if he had money .What did he say : « print books !»  .So Prabhupada went to his spiritual master to start his mission to make this magazine called : « back to Godhead ».So he was printing this; he editing this ; he was doing everything !He was living in Vrndavan at that time , very austere circumstances .You know , these last couples of weeks , we had 100°F degrees here , it nearly killed us all , didn’t it ?In Vrndavan in the summer , it’s 150°F ! Can you imagine ? and not just for a couple of weeks !for four weeks on in !So Prabhupada lived in a very austere circumstances in Ramadham temple: one bed , one coat and printing his books, reading the Goswami’s literature , reading the Srimad -Bhaghavatam , and then began to translate part of Bhagavatam. , And then he went just like a beggar; he went to some people and they gave him some money to print some books ;and then he had this desire in his heart to take this to the western countries because Lord Caitanya’s instruction is that every person born in Bharat (India) should carry this message of Caitanya Mahaprabhu to the whole world !And his prediction : « chanting  would go everywhere into every town and village » . So Prabhupada wanted to be part of that obviously ! And to fulfil his spiritual master’s dream of those things come true and having books priting and translated in English language , he went to a lady who had a steamer(The Jaladuta) ;he went to her and he said he was 70 of age : " Mataji , please give a free ticket on your steamer to America." so , she said : « swamiji , you ‘re too old !stay with us !stay here with us to preach to us!and then you‘ll be very very happy ! we’ll be very happy ! you’ll be very happy !»what was wrong in that ?so , he said , I have to do this service ; please give me ..... » « no , no , you’re too old ! » so , Prabhupada was a very determined person ;and his determination :srimati Moraji could see it ; Krsna moved within her heart and she gave him a cabin on the steamer , on this freighter from Calcutta ;So Prabhupada went on that old boat; For a few days , the Atlantic was very disturbed and turbulent .And Prabhupada had a heart attack and then another heart attack .And then , when Prabhupada was thinking : « My dear Lord , this is what you’ve chosen for me , so I’m just going to surrender to this , the way that I‘ve been treated . » And then Prabhupada said that he had a very wonderful dream or vision : Krsna .And in that dream , all the avatars were in a boat and they were rowing the boat , pulling the Jalabu in the disturbing waters . Actually , one of the Pabhupada’s god brothers , said that when we had attack , Sri Krsna would appear before him and put his hand on his heart and heal his heart attack.So , Prabhupada survived .And he made some beautiful , beautiful prayers . Markine Bhagavata-Dharma which is so so so wonderful prayer .

    So Prabhupada made some wonderful prayers before he went to Boston ;When he arrived to Boston , he met some people , very kind to him ;he had to struggle pretty hard there because he had to put his food stuff in the fridge where all the meat was kept .The people where he stayed , were eating meat ! it wasn’t very easy for him but he didn’t say it was disgusting or who do you think you are ! he was just happy to have them .But later on , he decided to go to New-York . In New -York , he struggled more and more and more for a year or more ;And he chanted in a Tonk Square Park , under a tree which is still there today ! and he attracted boys and girls from the hippy movement at that time to come see him . And eventually , they established the store front at 26 second Avenue .So Prabhupada walked in New -York with his overcoat , his rubber shoes on and his walking stick .He was walking along New -York; It’s all covered in snow ; he said , it’s the first he ’d seen snow! And he woke up that morning , and he thought for a minute that someone had painted the whole of New-York in white .He was such an innocent person .

I thought I just talked about that and talked about how the deities set up ,and how the deities came. I want to show you , Prabhupada’s heart . You know how it’s a rare thing for people to see someone ’s heart . So we can see Prabhupada’s heart if you look at him.

    So , Prabhupada is expressing such a beautiful sentiment here .He’s not thinking of himself at all ! saying , “oh , Krsna , keep me alive ! ”.or “ bring me some money!” or “bring me disciples !”.He just say , “please show me some mercy on them. And by the way , I’m totally unqualified ! ” of course , this shows Prabhupada’s qualification and humility. He is purely , fully qualified to God .

    One day he was looking out of this Bhajin counter(chemist) in Radhadamodara temple , looking across to Rupa swamis ; They were deputed by lord Caitanya himself to write the message of the Bhagavatam of the Vedic literatures and to re-establish Vrndavan so that everybody could see .Because at that time , Vrndavan was very much covered over ; There were very few temples , nothing there , just forest .The passage of time had covered everything .So They were deputed by Lord Caitanya to re-establish Vrndavan ; it was a predominant place and worship ; and also to study

    Vedic literature and to show people Krsna is the supreme God of all .So , that was 500 years ago .

    So now , Rupa swami samhadi where his transcendental body is lay to rest is just across the courtyard ;So Prabhupada is looking one day at the Rupa goswami’s mandir (temple) and his place of residence. and Rupa swami came out ! for 500 years he’s been in there .He came out and he said Prabhupada :"yes !now , it‘s time , go to the west !”

    So , Prabhupada is fully qualified by the Goswamis and by his own spiritual master ?Still , he ‘s feeling , “I’m so unqualified !Krsna , you make me just dance like a puppet. And Prabhupada made so many wonder prayers like this . So then , Prabhupada established the New -York temple and then after that he sent some devotees to a second country ; Do you know where that is ? England ; he sent Shamasundara , Malati and Mukunda , Guru das ; they were 6 devotees sent to London .They were living under very austere circumstances . Malati had a baby. They lived in different houses and different places anywhere they could find . No money ,but they had a great fate in [Prabhupada] their spiritual master. They came to London . They were doing so many things : find ways to establish a temple , go to different places , preach , harinamas , whatever they could do .They were doing it .Very difficult time for them. It was in the 60’s , there was a very famous group called : “the Beatles ”.And they were so famous that when they played , I can tell you ,-my wife saw them - I never went to see them - but when people went to see them , they were rolling on the ground , they were on ecstasy that you have on spiritual life .They were almost having the same ecstasy : screaming , and crying for the Beatles , tears were flowing from their eyes . The Beatles were the biggest group in the world at that time.

    Shamasundara prabhu had an idea , “I’m gonna get those Beatles , see if I can get them engage to chant Hare Krsna ”. So , he found out they were having a press conference somewhere ;So he put on his dhoti and he went to the press conference. And George Harrison was speaking. They were all speaking . He especially wanted to speak to George Harrison . So when George Harrison was out the door Shamasundara rushed after him. He got to George Harrison .And George Harrison turned round and said : “hey , where have you guys been, I’ve been looking for you for the past 2 years !”Apparently when Prabhupada recorded in The United States an album , George Harrison got a copy and he was all ,and he said : "I need another copy, I‘ve worn it out ;I played so hard !” Shamasundara couldn’t believe his luck .So he got to know George ; they went to his house ; and then he met John ; They went to John Lennon 's house .And they said :”please , George , will you do an album ?do a recording ?and put the Beatles ‘name on it for us so we can get some money for our spiritual master and we can build a temple. ”He said :”No ! if we put the Beatles 'name on it , you’ll have to share the royalties with the Beatles .So he said “put your own name on it ”.So they did this recording of Hare Krsna and they called it : “The Radha-Krishna temple”.

    When you come at the door , you see the name of Radha-Krishna temple and that was how it was called .George recorded it then ;It went into the charts , number 3 .George produced it ; played on it , organised and arranged everything .And then , the devotees got more and more friendly .So , they preached to George more .Then they told Prabhupada about him and Prabhupada said , it ’s a very special boy. And when Prabhupada came and he stayed at Tidnus Manor , a huge place in western London John Lennon had.And they stayed there some time. And they preached . John Lennon and Mc Cartney were actually favourable .But Yoko Ono , I’m afraid ,wasn’t .She got into John’s head very heavily .Then she called up the 26th second avenue and she told the devotees: “you live my husband alone ! And you stay away from him. ”. She was a bit on the envious side of life .So John was not as favourable as he was in the early days ;But George kept his contact with them . And then ,eventually , George donated the Manor ; It was called Piggotts Manor at that time . For £1 , he donated to the devotees .

    Then Prabhupada said :”before I die , just in case I die , because I’m getting old now , I want to write Krsna book which is from the tenth canto. He wanted to give the essence of Krsna consciousness - tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. That’s why he wrote Krsna book first. And he wanted to print it. But how to print it ? There were no sankirtan(book distributions) at that time ; there were no funds. The Indian community didn’t really know about Prabhupada and Krsna consciousness.

    So he went to Georges’s house ,and he was thinking : “I have to ask George ; it’s so much money ! I’m asking for so many thousand dollars !” I think it was 20 thousand dollars .It was a lot of money at that time in the 60’s .So , he was waiting , and waiting and waiting .....waiting for the right moment .And then he said :“George , Srila Prabhupada is asking me , will you pay for the printing of our Krsna book. ”And suddenly , a huge crash of lightning went , because a thunder came !and the light went out in the house .And then the light went back on again .And George looked up and he laughed :“I guess that’s Krsna saying yes ! I’d better do it !(laugh) So he paid for the Krsna book as well .And he made this wonderful Krsna book you can still buy now .

    I just want to read out what George said :

“could you put that tape on please ?”

    So , such a nice devotee ! when Prabhupada was living his body ,he actually took off the ring of his finger , and said :”give it to George ; he was my guardian angel.” Such a special person !So Krsna is arranging .All the world was going into a huge revolution in the 60’s. Just as the exact right time ;

    Jayadeva sings :”My Sweet Lord” from George Harrison.

“All Glories to Sriman George Harrison “ Jay !

    So chanting and dancing is our process .And another part of our process is prasadam. So in a minute , we can have a nice feast all offered to Krsna .I think you can begin to realise how much Prabhupada has done for us : books , the mantra , darshan the Lord .You can come part of the solutions of the world instead of being part of the problem. And the biggest and easiest way to do this is to chant Hare Krsna .When you chant Hare Krsna , eventually , that will become completely annihilated .Prabhupada has given absolutely everything .He said about the Deities here :Radha and Krsna are personally present ; I guaranty you that !”So , next time we’re standing in front of the Deities , or serve the Deities, offer the Deities ,or pray to them , we should realise what’s going on . It’s really happening !We wouldn’t do some of the things we do ,if we knew that Krsna is really here  ;we would be more attentive ,our sense would be more purified : what we see , what we hear .....We would be purified in the instance. Prabhupada is making us aware that Krsna is in our heart 24 hours a day , for eternity , observing us , waiting for that moment , :” oh , my lord , I’ve made such a big mistake , forgive me , please take me back into your arms , with you .And Krsna is so kind .He first of all gives the qualification through Prabhupada to have a spiritual nature to be revealed .

    This beautiful prayer by Bhaktivedanta Thakur, our spiritual great , great , great father says in his prayer speaking about the chanting of the Holy Names ; chanting the Holy names of the Lord does everything .It purifies us first of all; Then , it gives us a spiritual form. We have this waiting inside our heart that ‘s been locked up for billion of lives. It shows us our spiritual form. It shows us Vrndava. It shows Radha and Krsna .All come from the chanting of the Holy Names .Please worship Krsna by chanting .

    So there’s nothing more to say : just chant the holy names and everything is there. Or continue birth after birth in a big amount of time ; It’s our choice .We ‘re having the choice to actually cooperate with our high- self or with our low -self .Chant Hare Krsna , associate with devotees , everything will come .

    Tomorrow is Krsna’s birthday . Krsna is appearing tomorrow ; so there ’s gonna be a programme from early in the morning till the night; also , at the Manor ;and if you can , try to fast , chant as many rounds as possible or at least , try to do some service .Try to keep Krsna in mind and try to get Krsna book and read about the pastime of Krsna . Have a wonderful day .I wish you a wonderful ecstatic experience tomorrow.



10 . Class given by John in London on Tuesday ,October 28th 2003:

    Today , it’s the disappearance day of Srila Prabhupada. This morning , there was a wonderful programme with videos. And I thought because , we usually keep it sort of easy going , and we can do things like talking and answering questions , expressing everything ; I just thought , I could read couples of Prabhupada’s times .

    Would that be nice for you ?

    And just to give the heart and the mind of such a person .So does everybody know about Prabhupada? who has never read Prabhupada’s literature ? Don’t feel embarrassed .You haven’t ? Ok ; The ladies have ! Girls are always the best !(laugh)

    So you know about Prabhupada , don’t you ?

    So , Prabhupada started this movement , and he’s this person who is directly responsible for you to sit in here in this nice room looking at these beautiful Deities in these wonderful costumes .And sitting up, at the Deities ;an eternal surmati(representation of Prabbhupada), this is Prabhupada himself ;this is very much how he looks . And for those who understands these things , this murti is not different for Prabhupada .

    So , he’s the founder of this movement .And after leaving Indian at the age of 70 years old , on his Guru Maharaja’s instructions , he came to America to spread the message of Krsna consciousness .Wonderful good news !and developing our relationship with Krsna , serving him and forming the Bhakti -yoga(service to God),one can be free from the torture of this life. And not only just be free from it , but actually united [Bhakti -yoga means united]with the Lord in loving service on the most ecstatic , wonderful platform. So , this can be achieved by the chanting of the Hare Krsna Mantra .There are many mantras , and many devotional mantras as well , but , this mantra that Prabhupada brought was given by an incarnation of Krsna himself called Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu , 500 years ago ,as the prime mantra for developing our innate love of God. Love of God is gone to sleep , you know !..... in our hearts; it’s covered over by powerful energy over by material designation; German , white , black and blue , whatever colour , male , female ,strong , weak ,etc ,and some ugly , all these things have actually nothing to do with it , but they powerfully condemn the soul birth after birth , after birth .It’s Lord in the spiritual sky ; so we come from the spiritual sky. And we are by nature , the soul is , Sasi Anandha is full of eternity , knowledge and bliss as the Lord is ; as he is in the big way so we don’t understand . So , nothing material can actually waken up the soul. So what can waken up soul is something which is similar to it in his nature: and that’s the mantra . The mantra controls the mind and is opens up our hearts to the potential of our spiritual soul. So the mantra can do that ; We can shout :“hey , soul wake up” ; it’s not going to wake up. But if we say :

“Hare Krsna Hare Krsna ,Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama ,Rama Rama , Hare Hare ”

    What we do is opening the locked door of the heart ; prisoned back with the force of the Maha Mantra ; regaining and the life of the soul again .So Prabhupada , at the age of 70 , he left Vrndavan as a sanyasi , and took a great chance to come to the west without any support , no money , nothing ;a few Srimad -Bhagavatam that he’d written , that he 'd translated and 40 roupies ($ 5). He’s such a great personality to give us this knowledge and the direct result of that, this is why we’re here today ; we ‘ll all be saved .So by chanting this Mantra , we can attain Bhakti and as a result of that our material desires will be diminished ;our spiritual desire will come stronger , come on top very stronger. And , we’ll always be happy , and always ready to serve Him , and to see Him more important than us , more special than us ,seeing ourselves as the most humble to the Lord . “oh , I thought , you were talking about having a good time , and being happy “; but Actually it 's difficult to come in this condition of humility but it comes with the chanting of the Maha Mantra.

    So Prabhupada is on his way over , on the ship ;he had 2 heart attacks ;so many amazing things had happened to him ; and before he paused to the harbour ,he wrote this song ,this poem . I just want to read it to you ; I just want to give you an idea what the great personality he is .

Boro Krpa Koile Krsna

Markine Bhagavata-Dharma

“Preaching Krsna Consciousness in America”

by His Divine Grace

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

on board the ship Jaladuta , September 18 , 1965

Of course , this is the translation . Prabhupada is a Bengali .It’s all riming as poetry.

(1)boro-krpa koile krsna adhamer prati

ki lagi anile hetha koro ebe gati

Of course , the English doesn’t.

(1)My dear Lord Krsna , you have shown great kindness to this fallen soul .Why have You brought me here? Now you can fulfill Your purpose by doing whatever You like with me.

    I’m not pretending that I know Prabhupada ‘s mood , but we could see here , if we know a little bit about Krsna consciousness , Prabhupada sees himself as the most fallen .Krsna 's been actually kind by bringing across the ocean ; he had 2 heart attacks and he 's still never thinking : we ’re gonna get to the hospital to have a first class treatment and my lovers aren’t around me ! Prabhupada just put it up with it !and said how kind you are to put me here !

he says :

“Now you fulfil Your own purpose by doing whatever You like with me .”

so , he’s saying :” you’re the boss ; you’re the property , I’m just a puppet !”

(2)I suppose You have some work to do here ,otherwise why would You bring me to such a horrible place as this ?

    Prabhupada just left Vrndavan ; he is in Radha -Damodaram temple looking at the court yard ; he could see goswami swami’s too ,so many great saints , and he’s garanted the trip to Godhead in this life because he‘s a pure devotee; But , now , he’s coming to this horrible place .

(3)All the people , here are covered over by the mode of passion and ignorance .Feeling false happiness in their material illusion , they have no taste for the transcendental topics about You , son of Vasudeva.

(4) If you would shower them with Your caueless mercy , then anything could be possible .In this way , You might be entertained .

(5) In what manner can they be made to understand the mellows of transcendental devotional service ? O Lord , please display Your mercy so that I may be able to bring them under Your influence .

    Again , he’s not seeing him as a great learned person; and a great devoted person; he says he has no potency to actually do anything unless Krsna empowers him.

(6)All living entities have come under the control of the illusory energy by Your will , and they can also be released from the clutches of that illusion by Your will.

(7) Therefore if You so wish  for them to be delivered, then they will assuredly be able to comprehend Your message.

(8) The words of Srimad - Bhagavatam are Your direct incarnation. If a sober person listens to it repeatedly  with submissive aural reception ,then ...

and then he quotes from the Srimad -Bhagavatam , Pralad Maharaj did[1.2.17-21]:

(9) [As it is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam , 1.2.17-21] : “Sri Krsna , the Personality of Godhead ,who is the benefactor of the truthful devotee , cleanses inauspicious desires for material enjoyment from the heart  of the devotee who relishes His messages , which are in themselves  virtuous when properly heard and chanted./ " By regularly hearing recitations of the book  Bhagavatam and rendering service unto the pure devotee Bhagavatam , all inauspicious things  that are troublesome to the heart  are paratically destroyed .

    So , we have a lot of therapists and people who are giving us good advice how to get rid of our broken-hearts and our poor bank-balances or whatever else , it seems that by just being submissive ,regularly listening to Bhagavatam, and doing some service to the devotees , these things which are troubling our heart can be wiped out .

Then loving devotional service unto the glorious Lord , who is praised with transcendental songs , is established  as an irrevocable  fact . / " At the time  loving service ois established  in the heart  , the modes  of passion  and ignorance  , as well as the urges  of lust , greed , and so forth disappear from the heart. Then the devotee is situated in goodness , and he becomes completely happy. / "Thus happily established in the mode of unalloyed goodness , the devotee whose  heart has been enlivened by contact with loving devotional service  to the Lord gains scientific realization of the truth regarding the personality of Godhead. This is effected in the stage of liberation from all material association. / "In this way the knot in the heart is  pierced , and all spiritual doubts are cut to pieces .The chain of fruitive actions and reactions is terminated when one finally sees the spirit self  as the true master.”

    So you may or not be able to sort it out because I read it quite fast , but please if you don’t understand these things , or want to ask more questions , we can talk about it afterwards .

But we have more to say ...........

(10) They will become liberated from the influence of the modes of passion and ignorance , and thus all inauspicious things accumulated in the core of the heart will be dispelled.

(11) What should I do to help them understand  this message of the Bhagavatam?  I am  seeking  Your benediction so that I can convince them , for I am very tiny , fallen ,and unqualified. I have no power to do so on my own .”

(12) In spite of my shortcomings ,O Lord , You have somehow or other brought me here to speak about You. Now it is up to You , my Lord , to do with ma as You like.

    Can any of you would say that ? "OK , Krsna , I’m a devotee; I chant Hare Krsna , I eat prasadam , you do of me as you like " can you believe that anybody would be but most of us would say “no! you can do a little bit of what you like with me; not that much , ’cos I have things to do ”.

(13) O spiritual master of all the worlds ! You have  the power to enhance my words and make then suitable for everyone's understanding.

(14) When You show me Your causeless mercy , then my words will become pure. By thus hearing Your transcendental message , all the  people's lamentation and miserable conditions of life will certainly be dispelled.

(15) If you have brought me here to dance , O Lord , then make me dance , make me dance,O Lord , make me dance as You like . Just like a wooden puppet in Your Hands , O Lord , make me dance as You like.

    He says 4 times : “make me dance as You like .”

    Something to aim for ! “make me dance as You like .”Because we’ve had so many births, and there are billion of them beyond us ; in all kinds of forms ;We’ve already danced on so many different tunes on so many people’s tunes . But we've never actually said :“My dear Lord , make me dance as You want ”

(16) Although , I have no devotion (bhakti) nor any knowledge(vedanta), [Bhakti is devotion and  Vedanta is knowledge ] still I have unduly been honored with the lofty title of "Bhaktivedanta".Now  if You like , O Lord , You can fulfill the real purport of Bhaktivedanta.

    So , it’s Prabhupada’s disappearance day , today ;the day when he left his body in 1977. And so , we’re talking about his message , his life .So , I just want to give you a quick picture of Prabhupada’s mood before he came here to save our souls. And he’s feeling in such a deep humility and total dependence on Krsna. So , it’s wonderful to remember.

    I want to sing a couple of songs .You can join in with .These songs are about Prabhupada .

    In the 70’s when Prabhupada was here in varied places , I didn’t know anything about him. I was busy trying to make a carrier as a musician ; I tried to be a successful musician ; I was in my 20’s.And I was living just round the corner in Camden street ; And it was above a café where Rock’n’Roll started !So I’ve got a lot to answer for !There’s a place called “2 hays coffee bar” and all the famous stars like Adam Faith , ........ I forgot their names , Cliff Richard , and Martin Wild , half of them are dead now of course ! I’m half dead ! (laugh!)They were started their carriers there; I lived in a tiny room above that bar itself , and above they were some prostitutes who lived there and there above all sort of people .........;and I was the stranger of the lot on the top floor myself , struggling to be a musician ;So these were these kind of people I was associated with at that time !I was trying to make success of my life ;and all the time the devotees were here ; I’d never seen them as that time .

    I wrote a song later on when I found out about Prabhupada ; of course I missed him ; I didn’t see him .But through his kindness through his books we’ve got to know him and also through wonderful dreams. Prabhupada is guiding us towards his lotus feet to the feet of my own spiritual master : Sivarama Swami Maharaj who is Prabhupada‘s disciple.

    So , this is the song called :“I never knew .

    Then I will sing something else about Prabhupada when I got you to sing along .So , it’s a story about that.

    Next one is “Srila prabhupada , My Lord friend , you gonna sing :

“My Looooord ”louder !!!!!!! “ My frieeeeeend” you got it ?

    Then , we’re gonna finish with this and carry on with the feast .

Haribol !

Thank you very much ; so , thank you for listening !

    This a such a special day !’cos we can remember the great devotees and make advancement by just glorifying them in a simple small way .

    So , please chant Hare Krsna ; Prabhupada didn’t come here for nothing ; he came to give this Maha Mantra so he can liberate our souls .He’s going to do it for us ;He’s done half the work , you have to do the other half. So chanting

“Hare Krsna Hare Krsna ,Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama ,Rama Rama , Hare Hare ”

on a regular basis , not just once a time , everyday , it will enlight a spark within our hearts and then can awake. Whether you feel acceptable to the Lord or not , it doesn’t matter , just chant Hare Krsna , you come to that platform very soon.

    Sivarama Maharaj ki jay ! Srila Prabhupada , ki jay !

    I made the prasadam late ; sorry about that ; when you’re just fanatic, you can’t help it! (laugh!)



11 . Class given by John in London on Tuesday ,December 30th 2003 :

What did you have for christmas ?

I wish you a happy new year !new year happens at different times for different people.In the west , it's a couple of days to go .It's tomorrow , isn't it ?

so , welcome ! nice to see everybody .

    I'm not quite sure about what I'm going to talk today but I hope to talk about something useful to you ! 

    I'm going to read from the Bhagavad-Gîta .Does everybody know about this book ? I'm sure you know .You're advanced devotees.

    I don't know much about it though I've been around for years ! I'm just open up at Chapter 6,Text  36; This is Dhyana-Yoga

Maybe we should chant this invocation for purification:

"om Namo bhagavate vasudevaya                                      

 om Namo bhagavate vasudevaya                                        

om Namo bhagavate vasudevaya"

O my Lord , son of Vasudeva , O all-pervading Personality of Godhead , I offer my respecful obeisances unto You.

Bhagavad-Gîta ;Chapter 6 : Dhyana-Yoga , Text  36 :


"For one whose mind is unbridled, self-realization is difficult work. But he whose mind is controlled and who strives by appropriate means is assured to success. That is My opinion "

Krsna's opinion is very nice !

"I was born in the darkest ignorance , and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge .I offer my respectful obeisances unto  him."

"Nama om visnu -padaya  krsna -presthaya  bhu tale srimate sivarama swami iti namine"                           I offer my respectful obeisances unto sivarama swami , who is very dear to Lord Krsna., having taken shelter at His lotus feet.

    Well , sometimes , I have an idea or a topic before I come here , and if I don't , I open up the Bhagavad-Gîta but his week , I 've opened up on this particular one , and it's very  very appropriate and permanent to me .I don't know how it is too you .But  "For one whose mind is unbridled, self-realization is difficult work." So , we're all here to become self-realised ; We're not just here for a free meal !and not just get off from Oxford street because it's so a tense energy out there.

    But , actually , we're for the process of self-realization. Some have just known it , some are getting to know it , some don't know yet , but he doesn't really matter .Krsna works on everybody : advanced or neophytes. So , if the work is the difficult work of realization , then we shouldn't feel too discouraged when we have some problems with it .Because Krsna says , it's difficult work !But how this difficult work get easier ?by repetition ; by actually applying oneself intelligently  and enthusiastically .

    There are many ways that can be applied : but to make it very very simple ,  the chanting that has been done is the work .That 's the work , the means and the end . And for some people who are self-realized ,thanks to the chanting ,  they feel constantly in connection with the Lord , within their hearts . Because , it's  such a sweet nectarian experience , they don't want to stop . Prabhupada said it should be done all the time.People may think : " it's called brain washing !" well , yes , it is , in a way ;  because our brain needs  washing. Pprabhupada recommends that we do this on a regular basis .

    And , of course , if you in love with someone , in a material world  : if you love your car , if you love your job , if you love your wife , or boyfriend or girfriend  , one tends to think of love all the time , one put but energy into that , and it's a natural thing because these are natural forms of affection .But we can see that over many years that we've been in love with different  objects of the senses ! some of us are still in love , some have been fallen out of love  a few times !(laugh!)

    And I remember when I got a very new car . I was a devotee .I've been trying to be a devotee for 20 years .About 10 years ago , I got quite a new car . We got a policy camp' through .And we got a newish car , and I remember , it was the 1st new car I 've had for a long long time and  I was chanting my rounds down the front room ,looking at the front window if someone would come to steal and get  it ! lovely shape ! beautiful colour ! lovely shining !beautiful wheels .It wasn't a feature of that car I didn't appreaciate during my japa period ! (laugh!)So going up and down from the room : it still there ... all comes : lust , greed  ; and if anyone comes near it : anger . and if someone steals it ! madness , you want to kill this person ! it's terrible !(laugh!) so , but then you know , after a few weeks it's always off, and you don't care . I crashed it ! what could I do ? I think I told the story a few years ago when I crashed   .

    I was always thinking : I can never remember Krsna ; The devotess are so good ! they're always , when there is some danger , they always go "Hare Krsna ! I'm always thinking : "well, right , yeah  "

    I still had this car , and I was so pleased , and I was going  to my record company in Norfolk and I span off the road for one reason or another ; it was a wet day ; I was in slow motion , because it was a slow motion about 60 mile an hour .I remember going across the other side of the dual carriage way so I went in front of the other cars coming form the other way ;and unto a grass verge which practically propuled me up into the air ! so I took off ! and there was a hill , like 15 , 20 feet drop down the other side (mime) down that side like that ) !.And the greatest thing about it , it was ruining my car but , I learned to take shelter of Krsna !(laugh!) this is it , anyway .To my great surprised , I chanted : "Hare Krsna , Krsna , Krsna!!" I was really serious about it ! and it came "yoook down "on  the other side ; there was a new fence just made of  wire , very strong .just caught me like! that so I wouldn't smashed and turn over . Anyway ,all that side of the car was pretty much damaged . And I remember falling out the car thinking "Hare Krsna   Hare Krsna Hare Krsna" I was so pleased !

    So I guess , we're all great devotees when it comes down  .

     There's no atheists in the WW1 .In the WW1 , it was terrible and devastating war ;  there were  millions and millions of people killed. What happened was that there was nowhere to hide behind when you were out of that , you had to run for you objective , you were just like a sitting duck . So , everybody had really serious thoughts about their  vulnerable natures.

    In the west , there's no danger so much ; Except for some places .No so much horrible things happen here . We are into a faulse sense of security here . We may  live a little more  longer on the average, here , than in some other countries  . We may live a hundred years . We can say , I still have some years to live....So , this is an other trick of the mind ! Honestly , what the mind is doing !all day long , it's playing tricks !  It says : It's Ok , this Krsna thing !  But really , you should watch  TV now .Really , you should! or otherwise you'll become completely dull ! Your wife won't like you ! you won't have anything to talk with the kids !!!  when  they come , they will say :"did you see the milionnaire " or something like that !all right I'll be selective ; you know when the selective viewing something that I do , but slowly bit by bit ,  it's what they call :" the thin under the wedge" you know what it means ?

    Well , see , for instance ,we try to get the door open , we open it slightly ; we put a wedge in there ; then it's very possible to get it more open by more pushing it; it can easily be open !but  if it is locked shut ..........!

    So , if you say , "oh , the  selective viewing won't make me any harm , and slowly , bit by bit , the door opens .And you 're watching everything ! On christmas time , there are so many good things ; so many  education things .But because you have these things all day , you can litteraly get up and turn the television on , you can just go like that ! and sometimes there are unbelievable things kids can see! we shouldn't even see ! So , the mind is playing tricks .There 's not an area of highlights where it's not going to try to say  :"come on , just take it easy !" so , basically , it seems to establish itself as a Lord of master in everything , including Krsna .

    You know when we're looking at the Deities , they are so beautifully dressed  ; sometimes , we have funny thoughts going through our minds like ;"why should we sing for Him ? I won't ! Why isn't anybody listening to , watching me at the kirtan instead of looking at Krsna ? or some filthy things might come into the mind .I don't know if some of you have experienced it .I don't want to embarrass you ;but I definitely have ! "for the unbridled mind self -realization is difficult work"  so 20 years later , 30 years later , 40 years later, people are saying : " why isn't Jayadeva  a pure devotee now ? (Jayadeva laughs )he's spoken of unbridled mind for so many years ! it's because the unbridled mind he has ! he has a unbridled mind."

    So , how to bridle our mind? our mind is like a wild horse; they're quite dangerous  ; If they're bridled and controlled , they can do a lot of wonderful service for God .And one can have great joy and engaging in Krsna's mind .Krsna makes so many allegories  in here about, the mind ,  the chains of the mind , the driver , the reigns ; and He explains that the different aspects of the mind are different aspects of the driver on a chariot pulled by a horse .So , if we're not prepared to take the reigns , we want to get on the chariot , everybody wants to get on the chariot ,the chariot of free gifts, the chariot of self-gratifications , the chariot of profit ,adoration ; so , I'd like some of that ! we all want  that ! but we know that the price to get all  those things ! it's  very difficult as christmas has just come and the kids were so used to have fantastic presents . They 're just coming from mum and dad , it's not from Father Christmas , this philanthropic person.They got this fantastic idea : birthday , christmas are coming in .And  you see the kids sometimes , they fight if they don't get or if someone wants them  to share their toys with them .The other day , my nephew said  :" get off , don't touch my dragoooon" and he was really fighting and he punched me and did stuff like that ! . So the mind learns very early  to be aquisitive and to be territorial; it 's called in the Bhagavad-Gîta , Krsna calls it :a defending ;so defend our property , our body ......... and of course the more influence we can have with the mind , the wider the territory spreads. And if one continues on that , then there's a very good chance that one falls under the category of people we call demoniac. So much , "everybody will fall under my sway , I'm so great !!" but what is that ? that's mimaking the Lord . In fact it's not mimaking the Lord ; the Lord is not even there ! It's just you ! and when you see these very opulent people in the world ,most of the time ,they're having a big big problem dealing with .We are under the mode of passion. It is very strong to push through , but with the mode of passion Krsna  explains everything which comes from the mode of passion promotes what eventually ? misery and troubles !  We are in the world of duality ;Krsna says there's actually more to live than "I ".You can think : "oh , I want to have that , and you have it" you may give it away or lost it .But self-realization is difficult work but not impossible .And it will give us fruit that is tasty days after days , years after years for eternity . That fruit is sitting waiting to be tasted within your hearts and he has to be tasted . If it's not tasted then we must taste the material energy because  we're by nature pleasure seeking because the soul is our land ; so it's one in pleasure; its nature is pleasure . And if we don't taste is ,then we've got to taste the material energy .And if we taste the  material energy it goes further birth and death.

    And further birth and death is a frightened thing. Sometimes , we can think : " oh , it's nice !" in the new age , they paint this nice picture seeing the baby floating , of how wonderful it's for the baby to float , and its wonderful amniotic fluid:  beautiful music , the child 's having  spiritual thoughts ,feeling close to its mother  ; regardless the facts that its mum had a couple of pints of beer ; and the baby is going like that (mime)because the baby  definitely drinks it and then some hot curries . And he's stinging his eyes ,stinging its digestive system because it 's all going through him .And , when somewhere is uncomfortable , we want to escape : if there's a horrible smell ,or if it's something not very nice ,we can remove ourselves ; what can the child do ? turn around , but it's still the same , the other side of the womb ! the womb is the womb ! it's a prison ! and then you've got the joy of birth !(scream).I was there for the birth of our 2 children. It's a nice thing stoically support your wife but what the ladies have to go through is something else ! what the man has to go through's a little bit under value , you know ! it's terrible what they have to go through .But the men are also feeling so useless ; what is pretty much what we are , anyway!(laugh) .And you can't do anything .You can't stop her from screaming ! Sometimes , you are screamed at you because you made her pregnant .It makes you feel even worse about it ! Then when the baby comes out , it's crying and it's covered in all kinds of different things . And it's a tough thing! Prabhuapda said that : how could a person forget their previous lives ?  the power and the pressure of going down the birth canal : it's called according to Bagavatam : it is the stamp of your life , your identification to this body  and the good and bad in different which comes with it. Or you may be the lucky ones , who is taken out the womb with a cesarian .Great , I'd like that one in my next life ! but , there's a strange preponderance of squizophrenia in cesarian born children .And I was thinking , (I don't want to speculate ), this can be in fact they haven't gone through the born process where the stamp of this life is .And the previous life is pushed into the barrier of the subconscious mind .

    Whatever it is , we can understand it's a suffering situation .And for people who don't care to love God , who don't care about anyone  ,who only care for theirs , it's a dangerous situation actually because due to living in a society where the prevalency is for to be merry , and for those things which made us  full up physically. As a result of that , there's a powerful karmic response to those people and it may be that in their next existence ,they will actually go down in lower species of life . A little advancement on this path would protect the person from the most terrible fear .What is the danger ? lower species .And it can happen to people like us .Well , it can happen less and less to people like us , because we 're not doing those things . We are following the Sanadhartam and hoppefully if we have to take birth , our next birth will be very pleasing , especially to the Lord because we 'll all be  thinking of him . In fact in your next birth , from the 8th  month because the 1st seven month the child goes into a coma .The Srimad -Bhagavatam explains that the fortunate person remembers Krsna from his previous life when he was a devotee;and if they 're not going to Godhead they're taken birth for a reason or an other .They will remember : And the Lord will appear before them in the womb , and the child will say : "My dear Lord , be with me ,  please let me remember you always through this life !" fastening can happen ! Fear is kept on the side when you know your father is with you ; you're all mighty.

    If you think of how many things that we fear ! how many phobias we've got .Everyone's got something ! If you haven't , then you're self-realized .God bless you .Most of us have these things .We may fear of not being recognized or a great devotee, whatever . Fear is there in all of us .So what can protect us from this ?from these fears and from births and rebirths ? this is remembrance of Krsna ;and striving by appropriate means .

So , it doesn't mean :"let's make up our own form of bakti-yoga " a little of this , a little of that . stuff like that: Like the song : whatever you fancy does you good .It's not that we should be out of our nature ; If you're a musician , be a musician for Krsna .It's not that you'll be miserable for the rest of your life : no .We should do what we can do for Krsna .But we should do it according to the acaria's directions. And strive by appropriate means .And you might think :"just being good isn't it enough ?" Money , time , should be spent in the right time at the right place for the right reasons, otherwise you 're just creating bad karma . Karma , what does it mean ? even good karma means birth and rebirth; And the danger with good karma , even if you 've come in an aristocratic family , what happens ? you haven't got to worry about the money , that's what you 're getting into .Maybe you're getting into gambling , into women ............We can't look to the governement ; it 's the same all same all again !

    I went to number 10 a few weeks ago , because I did something about respect .And I was introduced to Tony Blair and all the different characters ; and I was speaking to a person  whose son is a devotee ; he said it's an old fact that politicians are liars . It is said in the Srimad-Bhagavatam . They're liars ; I said : "are you born like that ? what happens ?" You're coming to it with this naivety , then you've got to change , or they laugh at you if you come out with the truth !you won't  last five minutes ! so you have to go and cover up .You have to assume the process ; by the time you get anywhere , you're bent. It's terrible !  It's so difficult . So , politics is very hard !Everything is hard .Prabhupada wrote  Mahatma Ghandi , because he was in a political arena as well : "  My dear Mahatma Ghandi  , I've seen great danger around you , please leave this politics out and preach Baghavad-Gîta  straight and then you 'll be saved .If you continue on , there's a great danger for you .  2 weeks later , Mahatma Ghandi was shot dead ! So , it's a dangerous place and you don't know when it's gonna come .And it may not be something like a bullet . It may be something else .There are many different way to leave your body .

    There 's a song called "50 ways to leave your lover ".and there's a billion ways to die ! There's 8 400 000 wombs waiting for you to take rebirth.You can take the choice ! Next birth you take birth in a place where  you can see blood all day long, in a lion or a tiger .Then you go lower and lower ......Tasting different ....tasting how to kill ,how to taste blood ,how to enjoy the feeling of domination for your ideology. So everybody has to strive by appropriate means ; not by misappropriate or disappropriate. By appropriate means  we guaranty safety . Everybody want safety . We don't want to be scared ,even if the world is dangerous .This place is a dangerous place .The only way we would be fearless , is to strive by appropriate means : to put ourselves 100% to the Lord 's lotus feet . Then like Caitanya said, "you can kill me !don't leave me away from You ; don't push me away from You .Stay with me , give me rememberance of You , even if You send me to hell ."

    Approaching the new year , the progress we can make is based on our desire for the peace within ourselves .We can't just moaning and growning about everybody else .We just have to clean  the battleground in here and make sure that the  battleground is transformed into Vrndava. That's where we should put our heart. That's easy to do if you're determined .Impossible to do if , like me , your mind is unbridled .(laugh).This is  your choice .So , you have your choice .

    For this new year , what should we do?Let's become Krsna source ; let's be bridled and pulled by Krsna's chariot through our life .How to do ? Prabhupada's antidote : My dear lord , you are the all intelligent ,you know exactely what's gonna go .Krsna says : " I'm the past , the present and the future " .So He knows !He also knows when we fit in the plan. If we say : " keep me close to You , whatever You do , wherever You send me " .What can happen ? We can prosecute our duty , our self-realization. It's up to you . It's a little bit disgusting , or worrying or frightening when you see others what  shouldn't be doing , but still just think they are better than you anyway....we should just think everyone is better than us. I'm the lowest to the lowest ; Let me just go with my own stuff .

Any comments before we finish , please ?

    "How to deal with the situation when you are changing and your family is not in favour or think you are not interested in them anymore?"

    Let them know that you still love them .If you want to be direct , you can say "Look! I know that I'm doing this in my life and it's making that you feel a bit uncomfortable, I've sensed that, is it true ?" If they say  "yes, it is" . You can say : "tell me all the things you are worried about" and see if you can put them their mind in  rest .Try to just be nice because , then , they are natural objects of  affection .We've lived with them for our  whole life , you can't just cast and decide now  .Noone is suggesting  that .The great thing you can do now is :How can I get Krsna to give me the intelligence , to make them all all want to taste this wonderful nectar that I'm tasting. That should be our 1st thing ; If you can't do that ,then you might have to go alone . If they become akward ,despite everything you've done , then you 're just tolerate .You just have to tolerate . You are the age and I'm at the age when we 've got to get serious about this . We could leave our body  at any time now .So  we 've got to be serious about it and my wife , my son , my daughter , they can't save me ! They are failable soldiers ! Krsna can save us .Devotees can save us . Death is coming ! We should certainly not be afraid of the inforced death and rebirth that we gonna get and the family dictates . Firstable , try to be sensitive , you don't stop loving them because you're loving Krsna . That's fine .If they still love you enough , try to tolerate ;Is that all right ? don't worry , just be sweet ; love them into change ; show then you 're not becoming some demon or you're rejecting them . You just want to fall in love with Krsna. You can't help it ! tell them ; you know what it is like ! Have ever been in love ? yeah ! I'm in love with Krsna ! I know He's a naughty boy ! He 's a cheat and He does terrible things. And Krsna might take away  things but please forgive me for that but I have to listen to Him . You're Ok about it ?

    Ok , have a happy new year ! Don't worry , use your intelligence ;don't be a fanatic  ; just be nice and if they think :" oh , she's been excentric !" ,don't give then reason for that .Don't show them your exentricity, they won't be able to  understand it . Just let them see you feel good and you still love them .


12. Class given by John in London on tuesday , March 2nd 2004:

        Durvasa Muni  was on the other side of the Yamuna river , on the Vrindavan side .And he was camping over there with all his followers : many thousands .So the gopi girls Radharani ,Visaka, they made many milk products ; Radharani cooked so many beautiful different milk products and they carried them to the other side of the river to a place called Pani Ghata .And when they looked at the river , they were hoping  it may be shallow enough to walk accross but it was very deep and dark and swift. So they were in lot of consternation because they very afraid ! because they know Durasa Muni shouldn't be ignored !

So accidently ,or just by coincidence some cowerd boys came past with Madhumangala and sri dhami  and of course Krsna.They said to the girls :oh beautiful ladies, why are you looking at the far offshore ? why are you doing that ?". Krsna looking at their milk products they've got , and the other boys :

"why are you looking over there , ladies ?"

"Oh , Durvasa Muni is over there ; we must feed him . He 's a great sage .But we have a problem because we can't get across the river ".

So they started to make the gopis a hard time and to make fun of them because they can't get across .First he said :" do it on your own fidelity!" They think  their pugna(food) is for their husband.

 And then , Krsna says : "well , I can do something for you if you want ; I feel sorry for you .I do something for you .So he said :

"So what will you do ?"

he said : " well ! , by the strength of my Bramacari vows , I will make the river stop flowing  and there'll be a path, for you to walk accross ."

And of course , all the girls started to really laugh then  because they know that Krsna  ....Madhumangala - he's a little fat boy - , he steps out and he says : "I defend my friend ; he 's spoken in the vedas !he's the very emblem of chastety" and he said "I don't know how you can laugh like this  " and Visakha started to dismental all the arguments Madhumangala  makes . She's so learned !and Krsna says : "be careful , my friend, she 's very good that one  !and he takes his bramic thread and says :" but I swear by the Lord ...;  and after a while he looked so defeated , he goes : "anyway Krsna , I live it to you , then !" and the other Gopa boys , you know when you're really embarrassed , they were all standing up like this , they completely didn't know what to do !so Radha starts to feel sorry for Krsna .So Radharani starts to feel sorry for him .Because he's got Radharani's heart ; so she said  :"please , listen to Krsna; let's listen to what he says !"

so he says : "I  swear by the strength of my Bramacari vows that I would make this river stop flowing "

"What austerities have you done ? all what you've done is played your flute and made us mad !"She's tormenting Krsna.

They think :" forget it , we"re not gonna go on his vow ; we'll wait till it's summer and it's dry ;  

So they all start laugh again .Radharani says :" please let's just try ! "so she says :"oh dear  Yamuna , with your water so deep and so secret ,Krsna has said that he can help us to get across to do our service for  Durvasa Muni  ,and please ....

At this time Krsna 's looking at her and she 's looking very beautiful , she's praying ; Krsna just thinking : " this is such a beautiful person !"  and his heart 's going like this as she's making this prayer .And I would be so pleased if you help  Krsna 's vow , if it's true , then , please .....

and then , all suddenly , all the river stops , the water parts , and there 's a sandy bear with no peddles , no stones , all the way across to the other side .Everybody is completely estonished ;

And they go across,they feed Durvasa Muni ; and of course Durvasa Muni blessed Radharani :"with the food you cooked , noone should be ill ; or no defeat ; like that ...! "


So , I thought , maybe I could just read from a book ; is it OK ?

What I've done with then , I put music to them it brings out a bit more nice feeling of  pastimes .(Jayadeva can't find the right page ) I can't find it . Please let me find it because I'm making such a fool of myself !...Yes !

OK , if there's any words I think you might not know , I'll just say at the time, yes ?

Source of reading :Mystic Poetry -  by John Richardson ; page 42 to page 46.






effervesced: bubbled

vilification : when you you vilify someone on you


    So there are very sweet pastimes .Everyone of Krsna 's pastimes , whether he's been naughty or on a good mood ,  they make such a nice ...Krsna is the best !


    You know , there's a lovely pastime :

        One day , Nandana Maharaj took baby Krsna out , because he couldn't stand from being away from him .

You know , at the beginning of the day when Krsna goes to the cows in fields . Mother Yasoda faints and Nandana Maharaj just falls over  , and has to be laid back to his house and revived because they were so much hurting .At that time , Nandana Maharaj was cowherd, he was going out with the cows . So Nandana Maharaj decided one day :" I'm gonna take Krsna with me!" .He couldn't stand to be away from him ; One day he took Him , and he's carrying Krsna in his arms ; And Krsna had a naughty plan !

He wanted to make it with Radharani .So , he made the storms clouds come .So badly ! that trees were almost bounding over ; and   Nandana Maharaj was afraid for Krsna and so he prayed devi to appear ; Laksmi appeared and he said :" please could you take my son , I've got to get the cows but I'm so afraid for his safety ; would you take Him home ?". So Laksmi said :"yes , of course !"

So she took baby Krsna to a bow .And all the sudden , spring light appeared. It's very beautiful and then , Laksmi turned into Radharani .She is of course . And Krsna turned into Kishora. So Kishora and Kishori were there .Then a brahma appeared .And brahman (priest) said : " My dear srimarti , my dear Krsna ; so it's wonderful to see you toghether ; my life is becoming very successful ; but I think that it may be a good idea if I should marry you .Otherwise people will have the wrong idea about how you are .So he said : " would you allow that ?"

So Radha and Krsna agreed . They were young ; I guess Kishora and Kishori were around 11 and 13 .They were very early.Teens sort of time .So it is a beautiful description in the Gîta of that.And brahma performs the marriage ceremony .And animals come and observe it .And the does and the deers offer their eyes because they have nothing else to offer . All the different animals came , and offered different things .The devas came as well .And then , they danced  and there was this beautiful dance  in this bower ; and then they wandered from place to place .Radharani made Krsna a wedding feast .And then , afterwards , as they went again into the bower to dance , and have more pastimes , Krsna turned Himself into a baby again .

So Radharani was so upset  that Krsna is now a baby ... and then a voice comes from the sky :"Don't worry!  in time  , you'll be able to be together again ." 

So , then , she carries Baby Krsna to His house and gives Him to  Mother Yasoda .And puts Him into bed  and then she goes to her own  house  and goes to the form of Radharani and falls asleep .It ends like that .

But I've got such romantic music !  for that one ! oh ! I have to play for you some time ! and it really brings it out , you know ! the music brings another dimension to something .But of course , if you're pure devotees like you , you don't need it ; you 've got the music in your heart.

For more information , click on the title : CD : Mystic Poetry  (  2001)

I'd like to read you this one if you don't mind .The painting are completely original as well .

Source of reading :Mystic Poetry -  by John Richardson ; page 90 to page 95.

cataka bird : the birds in Vrindavan speak Krsna catak

    So , it's such a nice pastime .I have to play the music of that sometime as well .It's much nicer !

Anyway , I'm not gonna bored  people .

have you read Venu -Gîta ? have you got it ? it's really worth reading it ! it 's so nice you know !

There are nice things about Caitanya and Lord Jagannatha in it as well .


        When Krsna and Balarama did the dance and this dance was so estonishing !The devotees made an area for them to dance and then Krsna and Balarama started dancing ; the dance was so amazing , that everyone was completeny stunned .The cowboys couldn't believe how good it was ! because there are some really good talented dancers  among them .

And at one point , Balarama was flying around the outside . You know when they do car-wheels .They put one hand down  and spin like that .He was spinning around outside of Krsna and when Krsna  wasn't watching , he was taking the dusk of Krsna's feet ! (laugh) Krsna's flute was playing on its own ;this played without Krsna !Krsna said to Balaram you're the best ; Balarama said , "no , you're the best ! "  So at the end of it , he was very proud and he said to the other cowboys : " what do you think of that ?" (laugh)

"Do you think you could do better than that ?" so everybody's says : " no , no ! Krsna , Balarama ki jai ! " and they were doing all these mantras while dancing : "ah ah ah  i ati ha ; ah ah ah ati o ;dum dum ni na ninam nam ...."; all these different mantras ; I doubt  they said like that but .. I doubt it .

Anyway , at the end of it , Krsna was showing off ; he praises Balarama and then Balarama says : " no , you're the greatest "; and they were praising each others . "Is anyone who can dance better than that ; sing and dance better than that ?" they were all quiet .  Sri Dhama gets Krsna . You know you say pride comes before a thought ? it's terrible if you 're really proud and you  get caught out , get  brought down, you know  .  Of course , it wouldn't happen to you ; it happened to me!.Sri dhama  -Radharani's brother -said : " do you think it's defeating you to speak like this ?  Generally , we pay respect to our Guru ;  I know , that you have a Guru , and I know , that you get respect to that Guru because that guru is my sister .And you meet with her secretely and she is taught how to dance ! And Krsna becomes stunt ! he's been found out ! do you think it's good you take so much pride when you even say who your Guru is . Put your hands to your head if you agree with this ; If I'm not right !  and he becomes very silent and Krsna puts his head down and he's not just doing it but he actually thinks of  Radharani and wonderful she is ! and then he puts his hands on his head and says humble prayers . And everybody goes  : "Jay ! " Poor Krsna !


        I love Madhumangala ;he likes to eat a lot ! he's got some prasadam(sanctified food) ; and it's very proud .And Balara says :  oh , what have you got in your hands ? "" I've got the prasadam for the sun god which is the right of all the top brahmans , you know !" 'cause they know he's being greedy , so Balarama grabs it ; and he chaps to Krsna and Krsna chaps to another one ; he's going nuts ; so  Madhumangala is chasing Krsna and  then throwing prasadam round from boys to boys. He's so wonderful . He loves Krsna so much .

       Jayadeva passes his book Venu -Gîta ;There's a nice picture , here . Don't you think it's a nice picture ?   



  13.Class given by John in London on Tuesday, July 20th 2004: not updated yet.


14. Class given by John in London on Tuesday , August 17th 2004 : not updated yet.


15. Class given by John in London on Tuesday , August 24 th 2004 :

    What do you know about Krsna ? tell me a little bit of what you know .Krsna accepts a surbordinant position to his devotees , a less position .And it gives us a great pleasure .What do you know or like about Krsna ? Krsna is a wonderful Person . He's been nice to you .

    The thing is Krsna is like that ; By Prabhupada's mercy ,we're able to realize God in a personal nature  because before that we could  not understand ,  we would have never be able to know who God was ! Now , we can have a personal relationship with Him in a very intimate way !.

    He 's all attractive . Which parts of his beauty is most attractive ? it's hard to say .When you see the pictures , it's just wonderful ! he's got  nighty dresses as well .Everyday , he 's dressed very nicely in the temple .He wears different types of coustumes .We see these costumes ; they manifest on physical level  to us for our physical eyes to see ; for everybody to see .This is  just a small glimse of everyday Krsna has something new .But even if Krsna has different costumes everyday , he seems to have things he always wears even though they're new : a peacock feather, a yellow dhoti , he always wears the flute, beautiful costumes , he has a cow horn  .What colour is Krsna's feet ? what about the under side of His feet ? pink . he's got lots of lovely marks on His feet .On His tommy , he has a lotus shape . Everything about Him is attractive .He attracts everyone .

    I think the way Krsna is the most attactive  ... sometimes we're not aware straight away and sometimes we're aware straight away .It depends on how the persons are . His name and Himself are not different ! So when you chant Krsn'a name , you come in contact with Krsna personally , internally , in a very very deep level  .Or whatever the level you chant is the level Krsna will reciplicate with you .So this Maha Mantra has to be chanted everyday .We have faith to Krsna .What do we have to learn ?We have to learn about Him : what He likes ; what He likes to do . How He likes to play , how He likes to love , what kind of things He likes to eat , these sorts of things....Because you've got this nice faith , and the faith in a sense has to turn into attraction .We have to increase this attaction .Faith won't be enough to get us back to the spiritual world .Mind you if you don't want to go back to the spiritual world and just want to like Krsna , that's alright ! But for most of us , we realize that this place is actually a place of suffering . It's a very very tough place .We might say : " that's ok! I'm doing fine ! maybe you've got some good karma ; .If you have a heart and you look around , everybody is suffering ; so many are suffering around . So how can we be happy ?how can we say this place is nice if so many people are suffering ; So we can deduce from that this is a place of suffering . This place is full of faults ; Birth is painful ; old age is very painful ; disease , death .These are not very nice things ! And they shouldn't happen to us . We may have heard this story a million times , but it is a fact that sometimes when things are going right for us , we forget all these things : " oh, I'm OK !" I've got a girl , I've got a house , I've got a car .., got enough money at the bank ! when I see at the future , it's fine ! why shoud I worry ? it's a nice place ! " But actually , it's not a nice place ! Unless and until this place and all the things we're in it  are actually given to Krsna , to God 's service .It's gonna be a place with constentious, people will be argumentative , unhappy  , unlucky, misguided , lazy, they quarrel .

    If you all think of how may friends you've got , how many real friends you've got ..That may be your fault , that may be their fault ; but between us , most of us haven't got more than a handful of friends ! and out of those  , very few of them have got really really deep relationships with people .We have a tendency to all be impersonal ; Myself and my wife were talking  , including devotees . Devotees can be impersonal too .Not that they all are but some are ;  we think it's enough to just do our rounds , do our service , preach , etc ..... But at the end , not be kind , or not  care , or not really desire to develop relationships ....

    In the spiritual world , everything is based on relationship; Before Radharani and Krsna met , they had loving pastimes .They had hundreds and  hundreds of different friends . Friends of hers , or friends of the friends of hers.They made that place relevant .And when Krsna dances with her , billions and billions of belovers dance with Him. It's a village atmosphere with family relationships. It's not like if Radharani would come from nowhere ; She 's got a mum and a dad ! Krsna's got a mum and a dad .They've got uncles , aunties ,  grandmothers, pets , friends . Everyone has a relationship with them .And we , when we think of ourselves here , we tend to stay away from relationships because they hurt ! they 've got their testers  or  we put something into it and we don't get something out of it .So , it's a very difficult situation ! we find ourselves in here and we think : " alright !  I 'll just love Krsna ! But actually Krsna wants you to love them ! He wants you to love Him but He also wants you to love them ! So the mantra is : God ; first , others : the second ! and myself : last ! And if we have that , it's a very exhaulted attitude , but if we have that , this place is going to be a very happy place and your heart is going to be joyful . But we have a struggle because we're both impersonal  with Krsna and impersonal with people .I say you , I'm talking about myself .People are strange about being loved  or cared .They are people who like it ; they take and never give . It's all we have to do : we have to give it out . Sometimes we feel we don't have enough in our heart . So there 's the crunch . I hurt myself ,I'm afraid myself , I'm lacking myself ; so how can I do that ? So we have to dive deeply into the Holy names . When  you dive deeply into the Holy names , it starts to destroy in the heart those false ego .False ego means : those things which consider this body to be very own and unique , all over-powering . We make them our priorities . We are worried and afraid about them ; We think : I must have enough money , I must have enough prestige , must be this , must be that  . But we keep very little time to Krsna's names! And it's through  Krsna's names that we're gonna get to know who He is ! We read the books , that's fine ! but ,the books won't come alive to us , until we actually surrender  deeper and deeper on a regular basis to the Holy names .

    Someone , the other day ,someone said: " I've been chanting for 30 years  and I haven't had anything ".But you have to think , if you 've been chanting for 30 years on a regular basis and you haven't had any realizations  about Krsna , then it's because  we are not chanting  nicely.Because they are different types of chanting .There's the pure names , and there's offenseless names which is less ;which shadow of the pure names ; and , then there's offencive names .So , if we chant , but we are not attentive , if we chant and we are unkind to others , if we chant but we don't keep regulative principles , then that is called offensive chanting . The chanting is doing nothing .We're turning over the key but there's no petrol . We haven't put the nectar in the machine .So , the desire to care for others , to love others , to love Krsna  , to honour ,always having devotee association , to feel oneself humble , it's very difficult things . I certainly can't do it . But there's a hope at least in me to do it one day .So there would be a will in all of you that Krsna will reciprocate with us . Then He will give us a real connection we all look for . But it has to come through that sincerity ; and also ,you have to be a little greedy about it . I know when I have to get up early in the morning , to go and  play with my group to have money , even if I had two or three hours of sleep , I jump straight out of the bed , forget about the time and I have to do it . But next morning when I'm tired , there's no work to do , no money to earn , alarm bell goes off and I think : " I'm too tired , I've got to sleep in ; I can't ! " you make excuses like that . So , we have to become greedy . Greedy for Krsna 's service .We have to try to have Him in our hearts .  Some time or other we'll have to leave our lives  for someone else ; I won't be in love with Krsna until I show Him what loves do. You care for your son .... how much you've given to him  ..; We love Krsna as much as him . I'm thinking about my kids as well.  I want to ; I want to love . At least want that ; and if we want it : rounds ; reading about Krsna ; associating with the devotees , doing some devotional service .And then Krsna will give . He's a reciprocate person.

    He's not like some people in the material world : they just take , take , take , talk about themselves all the time ....but if Krsna takes , takes , takes , it's because He 's taking as wonderful things . We should be happy that Krsna takes ! We should be very happy He wants to talk ! Because everything about Him is all-attractive .That is why he's called Krsna .  Krsna means all-attractive !  So that , I guess , I don't want to depress anybody but , I was thinking of me , you must remember again , everyday , and just on Him . Better than say : "oh , I can't change myself , that's how I am !" often people say , this , "you're not gonna change me" but we are in the business of change . A devotee is  constanly changing  . The only thing which is constant about him is his desire to satisfy the Lord . And all the other things , even if we accept so many changes , different things , different services serve Krsna , different surrenders , sometimes you could choose them ,  sometimes you couldn't .So devotees are always accepting  . And if I'm in the same place all the times , still , I'm in change . How can serve Krsna better than that ; how can I reciprocate devotees better than that ? how can I be a little less argumentative ? a little less whatever ......;..negative ? more loving ? Some devotees worry in the change of business isn't it ? Sit on your back side ? it doesn't work like that ! it's a dynamic thing ! I'm not trying to shame anyone but these things are worth ; but I'm sure there's one or two things you could improve . And that's what we're here for . I'm not here to depress anyone . All we know is that the Personality of Godhead is ;  good ! .What you gonna do about it ? have you got faith ? "yes , I've got faith" "are you sure about that ?" " yes , I've got faith !" But you won't go back to the spiritual world because , still , you 've got fear , you've got attachement , this is lust , anger , greed ! these are debarkments , you'll not get on !  Krsna says : " be free from attachement , fear , anger , these things, lust" .That person comes to me .But not lusty character , anger character ,... because they have to stay in the material world until it goes through .This a place predominated by passion and ignorance .In goodness , you don't do these things .In goodness , these things are unknown ! Same in the spiritual world which is where we belong  . Life is what I call a disease which keeps us away from God .If we are materialists, life is certainly a disease which keeps us away to make the final ascent to the Lord .However , life , if we utilize it for His service , understanding this planet and the people on it , everything is His . But , firstable , you , it starts with you ,  are His .Then we can start working on lust , anger , greed , envy , illusion , all the other stuff. And if we do so , we'll get more and more happy . Krsna will give you so lovely taste .Make us feel good .And through that chanting , through that service , through whatever it is we put Krsn'a mercy , we start to get more faith .And that person you are start to get faith ,and more faith  till it's absolute faith .They know ! they don't just believe ! they know ! and how can that happen ? by attracting Krsna's loving exchange ; He can touch you , he can allow His body to roll and send  a lovely breeze towards you  so that you can smell Him . You can hear Him .Of course , you can see Him .And that's possible ! This is possible ! you don' have to wait ! " when we die , we'll see who is right ! " that's not our process ! You don't see when you die ! you see before that if you sincere ! you see God before that ! you know God before that ! You don't have to wait till you die ! The Lord can be seen right now ! in His abstract form , you see His energy , empowers so many entities to move ,and another form you see in the ghagat, the universe , incredible potency ,you see Him in so many different ways ! The yogis ,they reciprocate with Him in a certain type of way .Those who don't want to see Him but who want His gifts ,can get up to gifts ; they can fly around in the air , make their own little planet ,do their own kind of stuff  , adjustement of material energy ; they don't want to see Him but they 're kind of pride people . And then when you see one of them with their long hair ,and a very shanty face , nice body , they  do  offencive tricks and amazing things  reach your minds .You think : " oh ! this is so amazing ! he must be God ! if he tells me , he's God , I'll believe him" . Krsna says : " no! these are just trickers". Krsna says in the 6th chapter : "Of all these yogis , Danwan is the best yogi who actually loves Me ". The others are actually offenders. And they like to merge with the energy of the Lord .

    The other day , on south end , we did a kirtan down the South end  at the sea front , late at night . And this boy was dancing and chanting , Krsna's name very nicely . and I said " : you chant very nicely " He said : "you have very much love for Krsna! " and I said : " well , it's very nice ! " He said :"yes !,when I've got Krsna ,then we go for something higher than that !"  and I said : " what's that?"  and he said : " Mukti !" : liberation .I said : " friend , please forgive me , but Krsna is the source of liberation ! you're already liberated when you chant Hare Krsna"  .

    Sri Radharani , she's thinking :" oh Krsna ,when will we meet , so that you can give me liberation ? when will we finally attain each other ? so that we can be in that counch together ? and you can put your right hand around accross the cottage we 're sitting  in . And from your hand will come a mysterious wild light .And I will be merged into liberation . Sri Radharani was so intelligent  . Shes is never tired of serving Him ,of hearing with Him  , of loving Him , of being loved by Him .In this material universe , we all get tired of these things after a while or we're not tired of them but our body gets finished, can't continue on ! so in our 70's and 80's , we still wish we are 30 so that  we can do so many things we did when we were young ! so that makes a person take another birth to try to get those things .And if they've got the karma , they may have these things but in a lower species of life ! plenty of sex ! plenty of family spirit .So to speak .So Sri Radharani , all the gopals , the gopis , they don't ask Krsna for liberation ; not one of them .There's no a sastra , no servants ,  anywhere that says : "please give liberation ! please give me mukti ! ". So the yogis , are mistaken , badly mistaken ! however the Brahmavadis , they 're not so envious as the  Mayavadhis. The Mayavadhis  think : " we are God !we're all God " .A boy , said :"We're all merging to God , we're all God " .

    I remember my spiritual master- Sivarama swami-  in the street distributing books : This girl said : " yes , these books are fine but we are God , so why should we trouble with all this?" and he looked at her , and she was quite arrogant , and he said : " if you 're God , why do you have to wear a bracelet on your teeth to make your teeth straight ?" (laugh!) "why are you forced so much time to go to the toilet ?" or " why can't you make your toilet smell beautifully ?" Even God 's stull is nectarian ! we should be so lucky to put our hands or our feet in that kind of stull ! think about it ! or don't think about it ! up to you ! but the fact is , that these people don't know. The Brahmavadis don't know about Krsna ! they're not envious about Krsna . Krsna is not just a product of Maya . Brahmavadis would take birth if he's lucky in Vrndavan as an insect , and then they will die in that life , and go back to Godhead  in a reasonable form . Mayavadis , yogis making  , for millions of years, play their games , that yogi is good only if he loves Krsna .  Narayanmuni is a yogi .But he's always talking about Krsna !.They are different types of yogis  .If you could see some doing fancy tricks , they are very amazing ! but what to do for you? it's just distraction ! another birth : " yeah , I'm gonna be a yogi !" You have to have a teacher to show you these fancy tricks ! they can take thousand of years to learn ! there are so many cheaters ! The world is abandonned with them !   If you think of your own friends ! even your own family members ! how many of them do you really trust with your life ? or with your wallet ? very few ! only a few ! one or two people ! you can trust ; so what can we deduce ? even from our friends ? even from our family members ? there's a big  amount of  cheaters. Maybe we are one of the biggest cheaters ! we don't know who we are ! There are times I've done things I shouldn't have done .Said things I shouldn't have said ! so these things are going on .World is full of cheaters ! Cheaters and cheated ! We should be cheated by Krsna ! He's worth being cheated for ! Because Krsna is cheated in such happy circumstances !

    When Krsna went from Vrndavan  to Dwarka , and the bridge passes were completely finished . How could he go away ?, How could he cheat like that ? by Krsna's mystic power and by yoga mayas manupulation .Radharani , she turned up in Dwarka as Saci Varna.Krsna is a cheat ! He 's doing so many cheating things .So Krsna left His devotees in Vrndavan and went to stay in  Dwarka . He left His most beloved Radharani all the gopals , the gopis , His parents ....? No ! He moved them all over !!!!!!!!They expanded into those forms and enjoyed their pastimes there ! How nice is that !!!! That's Krsna's cheating ! It's different from my cheating .

ok ; A couple of minutes before we finish; Any questions or comments , please?

"How do you find the time to chant ?"

    On occasion , I have to force myself everyday ! I think , oh ,  I've got no time to chant ; I've got some many things to do ; I've got to go to my studio and write this piece of music ; I've got to do this ; I must put this realisation on a piece of paper ..;rounds come first ! rounds should be done everyday .And we should surrender to them .Stop thinking of the other things and just do them ; it's hard to do that ; it's very difficult ; We can't control the mind ; it's impossible !  controlling the wind is as difficult as controlling  the mind !Krsna said to Arjuna : " it is possible by practicing detachement " . So maybe Arjuna can .Maybe some of the devotees can ; I can't ! so this is my prayer : " Krsna , I can't ; please , you do it for me ! I'll just be there and I 'll give over and you'll take it  ".And then  chant loud , if you can   ; I mean , sometimes it's not possible ;Chant like this  ; Jayadeva chants loud : Hare Krsna  Hare Krsna  Krsna Krsna Hare Hare , Hare Rama  Hare  Rama   Rama   Rama Rama  Hare Hare  ;this way your mind is a bit more steady ; You know it's like when someone attacks you and you go (shout) " eh !" (laugh).I have a story to tell you :  I was on the beach in Spain , last year  and I was sitting doing my rounds , and this guy came speaking spanish , and I said : "sorry , do you speak English ?" and he carried on in spanish , so I thought , I wish - Rama Shakti - one of  my friend who speaks spanish were here.So I carried on chanting , watching the sea . no one was around , just him ; and I heard "flick" and I looked and he's got a knife ! so , then , he goes : "give the money !" so I just thought : hand on a second , this is happening to me ! so , I thought , and I carried on looking at the sea keeping him in my eyes , you know ; and he was standing and I was sitting .so I carried and he said : (shout) hey ! so I looked at him and he drew the knife accross his throat like that ! and he said : give!" and I went  "Hare Krsna Hare Krsna (shouting very loudly !)  ; and he went "aaaahhhh !!!!!!" (very afraid ). And he ran ...

    So , listen!  the mind is like that ! it's always having the knife at your throat saying :" you 've to do this ! don't worry about these rounds ! you 've the time to sleep in that bed ! or I slip your throat if you get up ! stay in that bed and have another 5 hours sleep ! you know all these things , the mind is telling us all the time !!!!!! so what we've got to say ; Jayadeva makes us chant very loud :  "Hare Krsna "  ; that 's not going to make it ;  go away for a little time, but he'll come back ; come on : Jayadeva makes us chant very very loud :  "Hare Krsna"  If we chant loud , the mind will get :" hey , I can't do anything !"  If you chant loud , the mind is really struggling .Try when you can .If you've got a room where you 're not going to disturb anyone .Just chant loud , and just keep that going .You'll be surprised how nice it will be .Once the mind is given up , you can drop ....that's how to do it , all right ?...I'm preaching to you and you could preach to me , isn't it ? Ok .

    That has to be done  everyday on a daily basis ,we must have spiritual muscles  like olympians , you have to do on a regular basis ! you can't just do it every on again .....Krsna is in your life ; God is in your life .every moment of the day , he communicates to you .So , come on , let's give Him a bit more !  so easy to do , so it's easier to do when you are with each other ; when you get together and you chant together , it's called sankirtan : complete glorification of the Lord names. By so doing ,very rapid advancement , so things happen !

    I sing first , you sing second :

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna ;

 Hare Rama , Hare Rama , Rama Rama Hare Hare......

hare haribol !!!!!

    Now it's time to taste Krsna , by the food stuff that has been prepared for Him.So this is another meditation you can have .

    The prayer : it says : my dear Lord , we are offering our obeissances to the prasadam(sanctified food), because this prasadam is your mercy , and we know that this body is actually a lump of ignorance and the senses in the body has got a big agenda to keep us attached to their agenda which is I /me/my and that keeps us in the material world .Therefore the senses are very difficut to control  especially the tongue ! So the tongue , if it can be controlled , it becomes a very great weapon for the fight for freedom , for truth , etc ...; if not controlled , it can implicate us in more sadness and agony in this world !  and in the straight line of the tongue : the belly and the genitals : they can give us trouble .So , by honouring prasadam we actually control the tongue . and then the other things also become controlled ...; This yoga : This is a nice way  .We can all eat , and chant In that way , we become succesful in life ! this is the process to do it in this world now ! the other processes of yoga are very difficult ; but this chanting , anyone can do it .ok ; thank you very much ! Ok, Hare Krsna everybody !



16. Namma Hatta Programme given by John in London  on Tuesday, August24th 2004:

This book     is the Bhagavad-Gîta. They're Vedic Scriptures . The book was spoken  by Krishna  5 000 years   ago .

Arjuna is listening to Krishna on the battlefield of Kuruksetra.

There's a great fraticidal conflict between Dhrtatastra and the Pandu - descending from the King Bharata. Arjuna fought  in the Pandy's army .He saw so many relatives  on the opposite side  that he didn't want to fight  but Krsna told him , it's his duty to fight  because  he's a warrior .When Arjuna  kills his relatives , they will be liberated by Krishna 's mercy .

 Arjuna asked  to see Krishna 's spiritual forms . Krishna gave him spiritual eyes ; Krishna expanded  into thousands of bodies - different bodies - all over the places and the universe .Arjuna got frightened  and bowed onto Him .

The war was there to liberate the souls from their material bodies made of earth , air , water , fire  and ether     ( sound).

Though birth after birth , we get a new body when the previous one is too old , the soul is eternal. When the soul reincarnates into another body , it goes with the mind , the spirit and the ego.


    The Eaeth is the middle planet in this system . There are 7 planets .In this 7 planets , there are  higher planets  and lower planets. In the higher planets , life is more pleasant . In the lower planets , life is hellish . But we still have  to take birth  and go through illness , old age and death .

    Jesus(the son of God )  and Prabhupada(empowered by God) are messengers of God to preach  people .They got a tiny bit of Krishna's power in their souls.

 Caitanya is God Himself . he is the reincarnation of Krishna . He came  on this Earth 500 years ago to reinforce  the religion and gice appropriate means of worshipping God : He gave the Maha Mantra . The religion  are meant  to make the people closer to God . According to the state of mind of the people , the people have the religion which corresponds the best to their understanding. A beginner in Math can't attend Math course at university . He has to learn the basic Math : 2+2 = 4 . It's the same for religion . when people have a better understanding  of God , they come to Krishna Consciousness .

The goal of religion is to serve God , to love Him, and to be aware he's the controller . To purify ourselves - our soul - we have to chant the Maha Mantra ; and it will cleanse the soul which has passed from body to another  through thousands of species : plants , animals , human bodies . We have a suitable body according to our needs ; If we like eating , we'll have a pig body ; if we like showing our (naked) body , we'll reicarnate into a tree.It's not a punishment ; it's just a way to satisfy our senses.


    But actually , we should be hankering to go back to Godhead. Because on this Earth , we are a fish without water .It's not our home .Our home is in Krishnaloka , with Him in the spiritual world .



 17. Class given by John in london on Tuesday , July 26th 2005:

" There is a long time since I haven't  read something for you about Prabhupada . I'd like to read a few pages from the book :  Prabhupada : your ever well -wisher " (from page 158 to page 162)

    Prabhupada really loved  George Harisson. Prabhupada said that George Harisson is a great saint .George Harisson  said : " I'm a demon ."  But a demon wouldn't  say that . Prabhupada  gave George Harisson his ring when he died . He asked one of his devotee to bring his ring to George Harisson. George Harisson payed for the printing of the Krsna book .

I'm going to read the introduction for you : words

source : Krsna , The supreme Personality of Godhead.


 18. Class given by John in london on Tuesday , August 30th 2005:

          First I’d like to talk to you about Srila Haridasa Thakura because it will be his disappearance day on September the 16th.

Sri Haridasa Thakura disappearance :

    Sri Haridas Thakur appeared in this world in the village of Buron, in the present district of Sat-kira, which was previously a sub-division of Khulna, Bangladesh. By this great fortune that land has been blessed, in that the chanting of the Holy Names of Hari-Nam Sankirtan, became revealed there.
After remaining there for some time, he came to the banks of Ganga at Fulia, near Santipur. Advaita Acarya was overjoyed to get his association and roared very loudly. The two of them thus began to float in the waves of the mellows of pastimes of Sri Krsna - Govinda. [C. B. Adi 16.18]

Sri Haridas Thakur is an eternally liberated associate of the Lord. The associates of the Lord are worshipable wherever they make their appearance. Just as Garuda appeared as a bird, and Hanuman as a monkey, Haridas Thakur appeared in a family of Yavanas (Mohammedans). From his very birth he was very deeply devoted to the Holy Names of Sri Krsna.

When he came to live by the banks of the Ganges, Advaita Acarya was very happy to get his association. The brahmana residents of Fulia were very pleased to see how he worshipped the Holy Name, and they used to come everyday to have his darshan. Gradually word began to spread of his glories.
When the Mohammedan administrator came to know of all this he began to burn with malice and went to the local Mohammedan king to inform him, "Though he is Mohammedan, he behaves as a Hindu, are therefore he should be brought here for trial." Hearing the words of that sinful man, the local king who was also very sinful, had Hari das Thakur brought there immediately. [C. B. Adi 16.37].

The Mohammedan King told Haridas, "Just give up this chanting and say the Kalma (prayer of the Mohammedans)."

Haridasa Thakura replied, "The Supreme Lord is one, though His names might be different. The Hindu shastras are the Puranas and the Muslim sastra is the Koran. Everyone acts as he is inspired by the Lord, as also do I. Some yavanas become Hindus and some Hindus become yavanas, to worship the Lord. O Maharaja, you can now judge me."

Hearing these words the Kazi replied that it would be necessary to punish him. Hearing the decree of the Kazi, the Muluk pati addressed Haridasa, "My brother, just follow your own religion. Then you will have nothing to worry about. Otherwise you will have to be punished."

In reply to this Haridasa Thakura exclaimed, "Even if you cut my body into pieces, I will never give up the chanting of Hari nama." [C. B. Adi 6.94]

After hearing these words of Haridasa spoken with great determination, the Kazi declared, "He should be beaten in twenty two market places. If he doesn't die after this, then I will know that the learned gentleman speaks the truth."

Thus having heard the words of the Kazi, the sinful Muluk pati then ordered that Haridasa Thakura be beaten in twenty two market places. Haridasa remembered the Lord by chanting "Krsna Krsna", and in the happiness of that remembrance, he didn't feel any bodily inconvenience. [C. B. Adi 16.102].

As the demoniac associates of Hiranyakasipu tried in so many ways to kill Sri Prahlada Maharaja, but were unsuccessful, similarly the demoniac Mohammedans, though they tried to harm Haridasa Thakura, were unable to do so. Haridasa Thakur was immersed in the nectar of the Name and thus gradually the Mohammedans could understand that he wasn't an ordinary person.

Thus they humbly submitted to the Thakura, "Haridasa! We can understand that you are a genuine saintly person. No one can do anything to you. But the Mulukpati won't understand any of this. Rather he will have our heads." Hearing their frightened please Haridasa's external consciousness ceased and he entered into deep meditation on the Lord's Holy Name.

Then the Mohammedans carried his body on their shoulders to the Mulukpati, who surmised that he was dead. Thinking as such he ordered that his body be thrown in the Ganga. Haridasa's body floated down the Ganga until he reached Fulia ghat, where he got out of the water and began to loudly chant Hari Nama. Seeing the greatness of Haridasa Thakura, the Mulukpati became fearful. Along with the other Mohammedans he came there and begged Haridas Thakur to forgive him for his offence.

Considering him to be a holy man, they all offered their salutations and thus were delivered from their offences. Having witnessed the pastimes of the Thakura the devotees were in ecstasy.

Haridasa Thakur used to chant Hari Nama in a hollowed out cave like hole at the base of a tree. This "cave" still exists near Fulia, on the banks of the Ganga. One can get there by train from Santipura. Within the roots of this tree also lived a poisonous snake. Being fearful of this snake the devotees couldn't remain there for very long and one day they mentioned to the Thakura about this snake which was worrying them. Seeing the distress of the devotees Haridasa Thakur called to that snake and spoke to him, "My dear sir, if in fact you are residing here, then I am requesting that you please leave by tomorrow, otherwise I myself will definitely leave here."

Hearing these words of the Thakura, that snake immediately came out of its hole and after offering namaskar to the Thakura, it went elsewhere. Seeing this pastime, the devotees were struck with wonder and they developed profound and deep devotion for Haridasa Thakura.

One time Haridasa Thakura came to a village within Jessore district named Harinodegram, which was predominantly inhabited by brahmanas. One day during a religious discussion one puffed brahmana approached Haridasa Thakura and remarked, "O Haridasa! Why do you chant the holy name loudly? In the scriptures it is recommended to chant within the mind." In reply Haridasa Thakura told him, "The birds, beasts and insects cannot chant themselves, but if they get to hear Hari Nama then they also become delivered. If one
chants only to himself then he delivers only himself, but if one chants loudly, the benefit is a hundred times greater. This is the conclusion of the scriptures." [C. B. Adi 16.180]

Hearing this objective statement of Haridasa Thakura that sinful brahmana couldn't tolerate it and exclaimed, "In Kali yuga sudras will recite the shastras, now I am seeing this with my own eyes." In answer to this personal insult delivered by that miscreant brahmana, Haridasa Thakura simply silently walked out of that assembly. Within a few days that brahmana contracted ulcerous leprosy. The result of Vaishnava aparadha became immediately manifest. In Kali yuga, Raksasas take birth in brahmana families in order to give trouble to the honest, virtuous people. [C.B. Adi 16.300]

Another time, Haridasa desired to have darshan of the Vaishnavas of Navadwipa. Everyone there became overwhelmed with ecstasy, to see Haridasa. Adwaita Acarya loved Haridasa as much as His own life and he would offer the first prasadam to Haridasa Thakura (which is to be offered only to high class brahmanas) after performing Pitr-sraddha (worship of his forefathers).

Haridasa Thakura lived for some time at Benapol, which was within Jessore district. Every day and night he would chant three hundred thousand Holy Names. At the time, when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu displayed His divine opulences by manifesting Himself as the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the courtyard at Srivasa Pandita's house, He was calling his dear devotees: "Haridasa! when those Mohammedans were beating you I was ready to destroy them with My Sudarsana Cakra, but as you were praying for their welfare I was unable to do anything." [C. B. Madhya 10.42]

Therefore I accepted their blows on My own body. Just see, the scars are still here on My body." Seeing those marks Haridasa fainted in ecstatic love. Regaining his consciousness he began to praise the Lord of his life, "O Lord Viswambhara, master of the universe, please have mercy on this sinner, who has fallen at Your feet. I have no good qualities and am a vile wretch, rejected by all classes of men. How can I describe Your divine character?" [C. B. Mad 20.58]

Thakura Haridasa was present during most of the Lord's pastimes in Nadia, and when the Lord went to Jagannatha Puri, Haridasa also went and took up residence there. Everyday, after attending Lord Jagannath's mangal arati, Lord Caitanya would come to see Haridasa Thakura and would bring him some of Lord Jagannath's prasadam. When Sri Sanatana Goswami and Sri Rupa Goswami would come from Vrindavana to Puri they used to stay with Haridasa Thakura. Haridasa, in order to maintain the etiquette, would not go near Lord Jagannatha's temple but would offer his obeisances to the Cakra on top of the temple, from a distance. As he was considered to be a Mohammedan by birth, his presence in the temple would be objectionable to those who were caste conscious.

Mahamaya devi took initiation in the maha-mantra from Haridasa Thakura and Caitanya Mahaprabhu appointed him as the acarya of the Holy Name. His departure from this world, in the presence of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, is fully described by Sri Krsna dasa Kaviraja Gosvami in the Antya-lila of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta.

Srila Haridasa Thakura -

As Prahlada Maharaja appeared in a family of demons and Hanuman appeared as a monkey; Srila Haridasa Thakura appeared amongst the lower caste. Haridasa had a handsome form with all aristocratic features. Highly intellectual, he won all debates in Sanskrit and philosophy. Yet, he never lost his temper. In his youth, he became famous for his extreme devotion and ascetism. Though born in a Muslim family, when he became a Vaisanava, even brahmanas would eagerly smear their bodies with the dust of his lotus feet.

The Supreme Lord Anantadeva Himself praises Haridasa Thakura, ‘even Lord Brahma and Lord Siva always desire to associate with such devotees as Haridasa. And the demigods desire to touch the transcendental body of Haridasa. Simply by saying his name, Haridasa one will be promoted to Krishna’s abode.’ Navadvipa was full of gross materialists and Kali worshipers guided by smarta brahmanas before Mahaprabhu began His sankirtana movement. The smartas forbid loud chanting by the Vaisnavas on the plea that '‘t might awaken Lord Vishnu, who would become angry and curse Navadvipa with a famine.’ But it was Haridasa’s habit to chant Hare Krishna while wandering along the Ganges bank. Every day before taking his one and only meal he
would finish 192 rounds (300,000 holy names of Krishna).

One time a rascal brahmana challenged Haridasa Thakura. The brahmana said that the proper method is to chant Hare Krishna silently within one’s mind. Quoting the Vedas, Srimad Bhagavatam, and Naradiya Purana, Haridasa conclusively proved that loud chanting of Krishna’s names gives one hundred times more result than silent chanting. Yan-nama grhann akhilan, srotrn atmanam eva ca, sadayah punati... ‘Anyone who chants Your name purifies all who hear his chanting, as well as himself.’ SB 10.34.17 Haridasa concluded with. ‘Which is better to feed yourself, or to feed yourself, or to feed yourself and simultaneously feed a thousand others!’ Some people mistakenly think, Since Haridasa Thakura always chanted Hare Krishna he wasn’t relishing the mellows of Radha-Madhava’s pastimes.’ Krishna’s name is a wish-fulfilling gem (nama cintamani) and the very embodiment of rasa vigraha. So, by purely chanting the holy names Haridasa Thakura definitely tasted the transcendental mellows of loving devotion to Radha-Madhava. Haridasa Thakura, the connoisseur of
the holy name, taught everyone how to enter the rasa sastras through the door of Mahaprabhu’s mercy, received by purely and constantly chanting the holy names of Krishna.

Felling threatened by Haridasa Thakura’s conversion to Vaisnavism, the Muslim ruler arrested him. To enlighten the Kazi Haridasa said, ‘All living entities in creation are inspired by the Lord in the heart to act in different ways. People of different religions praise the Lord’s holy names and qualities according to the view of their scriptures. The Supreme Lord accepts everyone’s mood. If anyone shows malice towards another’s religion he actually shows malice to the Lord Himself, who is worshipped by that religion. Since God is one, that person becomes envious of the same Supreme Lord that he himself is worshipping. Haridasa replied firmly, ‘If my body is hacked to pieces and even if I am still killed – still I will keep chanting Hare Krishna.’ The infuriated Kazi ordered Haridasa Thakura publicly whipped to death. He was brutally beaten, dragged through twenty-two markets, and thrown in the Ganges. Absorbed in remembering Lord Hari, he miraculously survived by God’s grace. The Kazi, the brahmanas, and his rivals ran to Haridasa. They gave Haridasa Thakura an enthusiastic welcome and begged forgiveness for their offences. He forgave them and blessed them with devotion. Haridasa thought the ordeal was fit punishment for his having heard Vaisnava blasphemy from the mouth of the Kazi.

Prema-vilasa says Haridasa took diksa from Sri Advaita Acarya. Haridasa Thakura exerted immense influence from the start of Sri Caitanya’s sankirtana movement. Teaming up with Lord Nityananda, he spread Krishna consciousness in Bengal. When Haridasa Thakura came to Jagannatha Puri Lord Caitanya gave him a room in the garden next to His. Every day the Lord sent prasadam to Haridasa. They also met regularly to discuss Krishna-katha. While, seeing Lord Caitanya’s lotus face, holding His feet upon his chest, and chanting
Sri Krishna Caitanya, Haridasa left the world. Lord Caitanya personally carried the body of Haridasa to the sea. And with His own hands buried him in the sand. Then Mahaprabhu begged alms for a festival to honour Haridasa Thakura’s departure. Lord Caitanya paid tribute to His pure devotee: ‘Let us all sing the glories of Haridasa Thakura. Haridasa was the crest-jewel of the world. By his death the earth has lost its treasure. Out of His great mercy Krishna had given me his association. And now He has taken him away. When Haridasa himself wished to leave the world I could not hold him back. Just like Bhismadeva, Haridasa gave up his life at his own will.’ CC Antya lila 11.93-98

The samadhi of Haridasa Thakura is located by the sea in Jagannatha Puri.




        This morning , I received the  Vaishnava Connection Magazine by post and when I began to read it , I thought it would be interesting to read you this article about Lokanath Swami on Bhakti Tirtha Swami.

 Vaishnava Connection Magazine :August 2005


19. Class given by John in London on December 27th 2005:

Haribol everybody ! what did you on Christmas day ? Did you watch TV ? We should  remember that Christmas is about Jesus.

So Jesus came and stroke out against that .And established love in the center of that or tried to .As a result for his trouble , he got very much attacked and eventually was executed by those who were envious or afraid of him ! But Jesus never came to speak out against the law : the law which was given in the old testament . Jesus said : " No ! I've never come to speak against the law !" I've come to up hold it but I add one thing : I want to search the love they've got  within their hearts .So he established this bhakti :  retualistic aspect to worship  in that time ; And he was in the hands of the few elits and everybody else was in a non consequensal number . But true  christianity was established so as to begin the process of bhakti(the religious process) for those souls who are performing judism to remind them what  the essence of their religion is ; and also , to include everyone and anyone in  the process of love ; because if they were actually excluded from that ,  because if you weren't jew what could you do ? so to speak ....And you had to be a jew , you had to be born into the jewish faith ; so it's a very interesting time ! in the sense that Jesus stood up against all the power of not only the church but also the romans of that time who are encharged of the state.So we see that every now and again , the Lord comes , or he has an associate , or an expension or a counterhall. Some aspects of himself  is in the Maha va visnu purana , his name is mentionned there and he's considered to be shakthi avatar ; it means  a living entity ; So he's not Vishnu but he's a living entity like we are with a tiny part of the Lord in our soul ; but he was especially empowered to do this work .So from time to time , Krsna comes directly himself or indirectly as an expansion of himself  to wack off the demons , to establish religious principles and to give pleasure to the devotees.And it was Krsna 's case , when he came 5 000 years ago . Krsna did those 3 things but actually , at the same time Krsna never leaves Vrndavan . So the killing of the demons , Kuruksetra ......they were done by Lord Vishnou(Visnu) within Krsna .The establishing religious principles of dharma  were done by Visnu as well .  So when every thing is pushed too far , the Lord comes or someone who represents the Lord comes .It has been true through the ages .We are very fortunate to be very closeto and around at the same time of Srila Prabhupada .he is also considered as shakti vesha avatar.Lord Jesus said :"by their fruits you shall know them ". Lord Jesus established this bhakti love of God in a hostile atmosphere .And many people didn't like him and rejected him ; But , then so many thousands have come to try to love God through christan process .Unfortunately , very quickly , the pure message gets dissolved .And those people who are pure in heart , and simple-hearted , can't hang on to the truth . But unfortunately , many people who want to bend and twist  the message given .So you find very quicly that christianity has so many different understanding of Lord Jesus .Similarly , when Lord Caitanya came , not so many years after Lord Caitanya had left the world, there were also so many  different lines and many of them were actually usedless.At that time narraton das Thakur  came , he actually revived the line with Nityananda's wife  . He was born of a kingly family , even though he was very dark in complexion; he received love of God as a young man from the blessing Lord Nityananda who appeared to Him in a dream and told him  to down go to a river ; and within that river he swam ; he didn't really what he was doing , then a beautiful golden form came towardsof him and entered into him ; From that time on , he was God intoxicated ; he didn't go back to his house ; His parents sent servants to look for him ; But he was nowhere to be found ; He was rolling around in extasy on the banks of the river ; So Naratton went to Vrdavan and went and met his guru Lokanatha ;he recognises that there were a lot of diversifications within bhakti and there were a lot of people who were bending and   twisting  ; Anyway , they got to gather great souls ,and they had this first Gura Purnima festival near the bank of the  river In Cathury.They had this wonderful festival and narraton was invested ; he was one sixteenth path of Lord Caintanya's devotion .He was super charged with love ; He had this kirtan .He had this style of singing with love who sent  bhakti , love within people hearts and there were thousands of Vaisnavas there .And he sang so beautifully that everybody was getting more and more united inspire ; The crescendo of the kirtan appeared ; you can imagine everybody was nuts up ! it was a wonderful experience for  Naratton   because he was such a great devotee and made the Lord ship appear again on the earth.So , then , after that , there was a great feast anf Lord Nityananda's concort she went and served everybody and they all accepted her as the leader of Vaisnavaisn. And she brought them all together , and again , there was a unified basis . By the time of Bhatisidanta thakur , it all split up again .Bhaktiveno Tahkur  fought that ,and fought impersonnalists  and established a shakti again . He established again , the pure principles  of bhakti . And then he said : " one day , there will be a great temple accross the Chalandi , when the day comes the  Russian , the American , the English will dance with the Indians and sing :" Jaya Sacidanda , Gaura hari ! " . So that day came of course , and the fulfilment of that was  in Srila Parabhupada himself who brought this bhatki movement to the west .There had been one or two vaisnavas before ; They hadn't been able to make a  very powerful impact .Prabhupada came at the right time ;it is said that  Rupaka swami came before him and said to him now it's the time to come . So Prabhupada came to the west took a lot of trouble doing so and now we are sitting here  with Radha and Krsna behind the curtain , Jagannatah baladeva and Subhara  Prabhupada himself  and devotees here and kirtan on the streets , thousands of books being distributed all over the world, not just in London .So these great souls , you see , at different times they come , the acharias come to revive the disciplic succession .And so 2 000 years ago , Lord Jesus came to revive love of God in the sterile hearts of those who were following in a very methodical way the process . Because bhatki is love ; yes , of course there are rules and regulations , but in the centre of that , it is love ; Ther's no point in it without love . Bhakti means devotion and devotional service . So I'm serving God , I'm serving  others .I'm endeavouring to love .Love is the main key.  It's  a thing that everybody in Oxford street is looking shops for. They're looking for some beautiful girls or boys who love them more .Some who respect them more ...So we're basically looking for love .So , two things , in this world Prabhupada said ; 2 things that people want :  something to do and someone to love . So in Bhatki yoga you 've got something to do and in  Bhatki yoga you 've got someone to love .We may find or may not find the husband or the wife that we want , we may have found and wish we had not (laugh) , so we can't really be sure we may find that person who seems to make us happy or whatever .But even if we are fortunate to find someone like that  after so many years , we may be going into a different direction ,or at least , it's going to go to a different direction at he time of  death . So the soul is not going to be satisfied  until it has something permanent. So Krsna is there ; permanently there ; he 's not going to let us go . He may become invisible ; he may become absent ! it's not us ;we often say ; " where did God go at this time ?But God never went anywhere ! It's always us ! we're always go somewhere ; we turn up our back , we're discouraged .......become doubtful ...or go another way ...try another thing ;we're always very ready to ....I don't know ..some atheists blame God ! they don't believe in God and they blame Him when something bad happens!  !!!! I find it 's very funny ! so , we've got this opportunity a new year  is coming  . It's a great opportunity to renew our vows , to kick out our bad habits  , to soften our hearts a little more , to see people with the eyes of love , rather than with the eyes of critism ... just to be simple hearted and just think : whatever Krsna has arranged , it's ok ; it's actually perfect ! and even the tough times are perfect , when death comes it's perfect , everything. Krsna does is perfect ! We just have to develop the eyes to see  .What the Lord plans are , what happens to us and around us .....sometimes , we can't always see .And those when  we can't see , there are the times when  we call : " a test comes ";Everyone 's gonna get that test ,and sometimes the test 's gonna be massive ! sometimes a wave 's gonna come so big ! that you just have to know one thing and that's just how  to hand on ! there's no other thing to do which hang with your fingers , nails and your teeth , so to speak those will come there will be small tests , big tests  and massive tests. Everybody 's gonna get them ! A massive test all you can do is just go into  , not  a panic mode ,  but  into emergency ; when this  happens , there is an emergency programme to do ! First aid : you know when someone  hurts himself ,  you just have to know what  to do , you can't panic , because you must know what to do ! ; so the processes : the blessing of  those who chant the Holy names ; why do they bless you ?so many reasons that they bless you ! we can talk hours about the reasons why the bless you . Because  the Holy Himself is Citarmani ; it's the awarder of all things not just of a few things but all things .So , by hanging on to , even if we're having a very slim attachment or a very tenious attachement to the Holy names ,if you have no attachement at all , still , we have to learn that it's important to us each breathe we take ......Jayadeva sings:" Every breath you take ....."  ; So , every breath we take ,........ the Holy name is as much important as each breath we take  !   ; if you can't take your breath , it's a desperate situation  ! I don't know if you've ever had a choked in your life ?......really choke and you can breathe ...have you ? it's terrible ! you don't know , when am I going to have my next breath ? It's such an awful thing ; it happened to me a few month ago , and I couldn't get a breath out , I couldn't get a breath in , and I thought this is it! eventually , I am lying on the floor thinking , how long am I going to stay conscious for ? when will that breath come ?I'm really struggling to get  a breath came. But that's essentially how we should be thinking ! that desire to breath was so intense and the same should be for the chanting of the Holy names .It should be so intense .Sivarama swami Maharaj was sending a text to girls and boys on  sankirtan(distributing books)  ; it was so amazing ! absolutely amazing ! he was saying about chanting , and he said :"you distribute a book , and between the time you 're waiting till   the next person who will take that mercy , it may be 5 minutes , it may be an hour , you should be continuously chanting ,and chanting , never stop  chanting , non stop chanting that you can understand what the sankirtan movement is ! it says wonderful things , he 's encouraging devotees ; if you 've got this mercy  you have to keep it out ! this is  bhakti yogis ; we're out  distributing , preaching or going on harinamas ; He said , I was in Winniepeck , in the winter , he said it was minus 50, and he was distributing books on the street . He said he was so cold !you can't believe ! he just started to weep in ecstasy because Krsna was so greatful  ; He just tried to give this mercy to living entities . One boy saw  him , and went inside the shop with him and said : " what are you doing ?" so Sivarama swami said : "I'm distributing these books ." The boy said :"let me buy all the books you've got "  and  two weeks later after reading some of the books , the boy and shaved up and joined the temple  .You should read those texts ; there are so precious! I saw it the other day ; I spoke to Gaurangi who is in North Carolina and  she said : " Dad , I'm distributing books this year ".

 So Prabhupada took some much trouble and his disciples take so much trouble give what everybody desparately needs; we're hanking for love. Jayadeva sings: " It's only love and that is all ; I love you the way I do  ..... ". Some many songs  has been written about love ... It's proof ! isn't it ? all the non -devotees are singing about it , all the time ! it's just pure love .So we have to just adjust ourselves .The process of adjusting ourselves is met with a lot of opposition in us .Even though we believe , still there's opposition : "  Oh , I'm not doing that ! I didn't mean that ! I only need that the end .. Jayadeva sings : " I did it my way......  ..."(laugh) . Isn't it the answer of the materialist ? I did what I had to do ....what do we do , then ? sex , drugs and rock'n'roll !!!!! so , those things have a powerful impact on the living entitiy .No only , at the time of doing , of having that material ecstasy , but the thing is you find that  30years later , you want to rewind  (laugh) ;Girls wouldn't understand because they are too pure -hearted  but you do something , you have some material experience ,you might think : " oh you know it's over now , that's fine ! it 's very nice !..." but it reruns again and again and again .... ; and 40 years later , I can tell you it reruns again ! So it's going to the cinema near you ! if you 're not careful ! so we should be careful ! what we consider is to be some happiness , or some pleasure ; because these fleeting  pleasure follow us , not just all life , but all our lives and then into the next life  , into the next life ! ....and the next life ! it just keeps going on ! if you didn't get what you wanted , you want to get more than what you had ! it's going to come up again ! because Maya is perfect ! Maya shakti is an external part of Krsna . Krsna runs on shuda stava ,on pure spiritual energy . He is all potences . One of His potences is the external potences ; it has  nothing to do with Him ; it goes with material energy .We come and bathe in that and get a body clothed in that  and a mind , mentality bathed in that to ......... we are forgetting Him ! And really believe: " I'd really be happy if I had that car , or that girl , or that job!". We really , really , really believe that stuff ! and it keeps us going like anything and if we don't get in in the end of our life , we carry the subtle body  which a direct inprint  of the growth body . So everything that the growth body wanted is now in the subtle body travelling with you  into your next birth ! So you meet some of your past life you didn't like and you have puncher . You meet someone you loved in your past life and someone you didn't like . so and so forth ... Everything that is happening right now  to this second or the things that may have happened on the way : someone step on your toe , someone opened the door for you , slammed the door in your face , someone said to you : " you're handsome , or beautiful or fat ..."soemething made you cold , something you  warm , is exactely worked out by the material energy to give exactely what you deserve  ; there are no mistakes ! no injustices ....I'm just talking till you 're ready to serve prasadam ..... so good luck with the new year ; Hare Krsna  and let's break maya's power ; and how dod you do that ? you just chant ! Maya has no juridiction with the services to the devotees  and in Holy names of the Lord .Maya can't come in ; so you chant the Holy Names ; Hare Krsna !   .     



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