1.Concert given by John in Paris on March 4th 2001:

Sunday , March 4th 2001:
The concert was scheduled for 5 pm.
4 p.m. , we arrived at the maison de l'Inde to set the venue.
Straight away , two people already arrived . That was good, we needed additional help and we were in a rush ! ; they were very welcome!
Chairs were set, 2 tables: one for the entrance tickets and the others to display CDs, tapes, photos, books...
Later on , John arrived. He arranged the sound, gets ready.
I welcomed the audience; I managed to put a name onto many faces of the people I saw the day before and who had contacted me by emails! I wanted a warm show and a warm and a cheerful atmosphere!
5 p.m. , the show began .5
There was a chair on the stage for John and another one next to him for me to translate what he said into French. I started by introducing him to the audience - which, obviously, knew him... but one had to start with something!!! Then , I told about the content of the show .

John starts to sing.
Then , after a little while , he made the people sing. It was so great ! Everyone did it ! what a wonderful audience !!!!!!!

Then, he asked for a volunteer to come onto stage, to do some healing on her . The girl came onto the stage. John took his tambourine (the one he used to play with to record his album Celtic Drums) and he stood in front of the girl . Then he played more or less intensively or rapidly to re-balance her 5th chakra. The atmosphere was profound!
Suddenly , one of the light blew up !!!!!!! it didn’t resist the meditation !!!!!everybody burst out laughing !!!!!!!!

Then , John made the audience relax by showing them how the devotees embrace each other to say hello in a friendly way.
Then, he did a collective meditation with a background of music. He went through all the chakras by means of colours of flowers; Each chakra corresponds a colour. Of course , I gradually translated what John said !

Then he ended up by singing the Maha Mantra.

John concluded ; he thanked everybody for being such a good audience !
At the end of the show, a dinner was given.
Then , the audience had the possibility to speak to John each at a time . John took the time to listen to each person individually and to answer his/her questions. John was easy to approach as he is used to!
There was a friendly and warm-hearted atmosphere ! everybody talked to everybody; some spectators exchanged their addresses .They bought some tapes , some CDs ,some photos ....
9 pm, the evening ended! Everything was being packed.
A nice spectator I got on well , offered to drive me back to the temple where I spent the night. I really appreciated ; it was so nice to share and exchange one's impressions about the show !
I hope you enjoyed this story !




2 .festival in Bloomsbury theatre in London on October 28th 2000 :

London: There are five Krishna Consciousness Societies in London universities and they all met up at the end of October for a big 'Spiritual Warrior' festival at the Bloomsbury Theatre, just round the corner from Euston station. The normally very expensive theatre was made available at short notice, and at no charge, due to a last minute cancellation. Around 250 members and their friends attended a mixed show. Along with some devotee festival standards such as a rousing kirtan and a play, the students had put together an arty video on mind/matter/spirit, an energetic rap, and had organised a professional dance group to come along to do a specially-choreographed piece entitled Vishnu sahasra-nam (The thousand names of Vishnu) during which the dancers portrayed the different incarnations.

John was one the guests ; He played African drum and sang spiritual song .



3.Charity gig in Brentwood on November 2nd 2001 :

Seventies stars in benefit concert (external source of information)

Flared trousers and bright woolly tank tops were essentials for a star-studded fund-raising event on November 24th. Chart-toppers Alvin Stardust, The Tremeloes, Dave Dee (without Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch) and The Rubettes came together for a night of entertainment, proceeds of which would go towards the preservation of an ancient holy spot in eastern India.

About a thousand pop fans bought tickets for £12 and £15 a time and thronged into the Walthamstow Assembly Hall. From eight until eleven they relived the seventies, danced and sang along to the hits. First on was Dave Dee, then the Rubettes, featuring a sponsored drum solo from John Richardson (alias devotee Jayadeva das) during which the crowd threw money into buckets being passed around the hall.

A raffle was held and a Rubettes golden disc auctioned off. The Rubettes then backed Alvin Stardust who was followed by the top act for the evening, The Tremeloes. Fans packed the green room backstage after the show to meet the artists. Prasadam sandwiches and veggie sausage rolls were served, prepared by devotee bakers Derek and Shannon.

Organiser of the event, Jayadeva das, said: "This was an enjoyable and successful event. Everyone had a good time and the proceeds will go towards preserving a very special place for future generations of devotees".

He explained the significance of the sacred spot: "When Lord Chaitanya first adopted the outward dress of a sanyasi monk he travelled down the east coast of India to the holy town of Puri, accompanied by Nityananda Prabhu, who broke his bamboo sanyasi staff and threw it into a nearby river, protesting that God Himself should not have to carry a staff of renunciation. There is a prediction written hundreds of years ago that the wooded island where this pastime took place would be a source of spiritual strength for multitudes of devotees and that Jaganath would come to live there.

A holy man living on the island recently had a dream of a specific tree in a distant village from which Jagannatha would be carved. Upon reaching this village the holy man and his group saw that this tree was being worshipped by the villagers. On enquiring he was informed that the tree had been planted hundreds of years ago by an associate of Lord Chaitanya who predicted that one day in hundreds of years time someone would come and ask if the tree could be used to carve deities of Jagannatha. The villagers had been waiting for this day for generations! As if to further confirm that this tree was actually for Jaganath, a golden cobra was discovered sleeping on the tree the morning after it was ceremonially felled. A golden cobra is said to appear very near a 'Jaganath tree' that is seen in a dream". The link between seventies pop stars and a sacred spot in India may seem tenuous, but the plan of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for the worldwide spreading of the sankirtan movement can involve every single man, woman and child - each of us in our own special way.


My story of John’s charity concert : Friday , November 2nd , 2001 at Brentwood Centre - GB:

On Tuesday , when I saw John , I asked him if he needed extra help for his concert .He gave me a devotee's phone number for me to phone her . So , I phoned her and she told me I could come by 4:30 pm on Friday to give a hand .

Friday 5:30 pm:

A friend of mine and I arrived at Brentwood centre .We went to the reception and said we were expected to help .After some hesitation from the receptionist , she let us come in !

When John saw me after 5 minutes , he waved at me and made me a big smile ! It cheered me up to see John enjoying I came to help and do some service .He was happy I was there .

Then , the caretaker arrived and we helped to take all the food out of the van .

There was a big vegetarian buffet ! We put all the food on 2 tables ;

06:00 pm :

We were given a pass " for all areas" The devotee asked us whether we could serve the drinks to the artists and guests; there were decafeined coffee ,decafeined tea , orange juice and water.

The Rubettes were there with their families . It was so nice to see them all supporting John's cause !!!!!!

We served till 7:30 pm , then Mark came to tell us the gig was about to start and we'd better go to the gig room. I went to the reception to get the ticket I booked and bought in advance .We were sitting just in front of the stage ! The room was almost full .

Then , the presentator came onto the stage . The concert lasted from 08:00pm to 11:30 pm ; there was a 15 minutes break in between .

John did his "solo drums"( with his brother Ian et his son Scott and an other musician I didn't know .) That was so GREAT !!!!!!!!!!! the drums were wrapped with black ( for Jagannatha), white (for Baladeva), yellow ( for Subhadra)and red cloth. I really loved the rhythms and the choregraphy !!!!

Then Alvin Stardust , Middle of the Road , The New Seekers , Boney M and .........the Rubettes sang ! The Rubettes were the last ones ; They only sang 4 songs including Sugar baby love

When the concert finished ,the Rubettes , their families and their friends came to eat and drink something . We helped till 01:00 am. I felt great to do some service and be useful ( especially during Damodara month !!!) ;Everybody was very nice ! I gave John a plate of food (prasadam) .He only ate at 23:30 pm ! I had put a plate on the side for him to let him a chance to have some food left !!!!

Then Mark came and talked to us .He sat with us .Mick came to say hello. Then , we went onto the stage to see Alan .John was there as well ;He was very happy I came to help !

Then Mark said he could give us a lift to our B&B , but then he realised he didn't know Shenfield ( where we stayed for the night) , so he said we'd better take a taxi !

01:10 am :

it was time to leave. We were lucky enough to find somebody who could give us a lift .Even though I had a map of the town , we got lost for a while !

01:30am : we arrived !

I was as happy to do some service for John's project as to go to the concert !

02:00 am : we have so many pleasant pictures in our minds !






4. Cultural event in Paris on February 27th 2003

Thursday , February 26th 2003:
The cultural event  was scheduled for 6 pm.
We arrived at the maison de l'Inde to set the venue. 
Some people were alreday waiting for us  ; some others arrived later on.

 The people who were already there began to help us setting chairs for the public.

Chairs were set, 2 tables: one for the entrance tickets and the others to display CDs, tapes, photos, books...
 John arranged the sound, gets ready. We waited a little while for some people who were due to come .

I welcomed the audience; I managed to put a name onto many faces of the people I saw the day before and who had contacted me by emails and letters! .Some of them were friends of mine . I wanted a warm show and a warm and a cheerful atmosphere!
 The cultural event began .

I sat next to John on the stage to translate what he said into French.

John began to explain what he was going to do .

He did a collective meditation with a background of music on "Chakra Journey" track. He asked the people to relax and close their eyes .He went through all the chakras by means of colours of flowers; Each chakra corresponds to a colour. Of course , I gradually translated what John said ! There are 7 chakras along the spine .The first chakra at the base of the spine corresponds to the colour red .So he asked the people to imagine a red rose ,to breathe deeply and then to surround the body with the colour red . Then , the second chakra  , a little bit higher ,corresponds to the colour orange . John asked the people to imagine an orange flower ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour orange .  Then , the third chakra  , about at the stomach place,corresponds to the colour yellow . John asked the people to imagine a yellow flower ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour yellow .  Then , the fourth chakra  , which is the heart chakra ,corresponds to the  colour green  . John asked the people to imagine a green leaf ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour green .  Then , the fifth chakra  , which is the throat chakra ,corresponds to the colour blue . John asked the people to imagine a blue flower ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour blue .  Then , the sixth chakra  , which corresponds to the third eye between our eyes,corresponds to the colour violet . John asked the people to imagine a violet flower like an iris ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour violet .  Then , the seventh chakra  , at the top of our head ,corresponds to the colour indigo . John asked the people to imagine an indigo flower ,to breathe deeply  and then to surround the body with the colour indigo .                                                                                        Then John told the people they could open their eyes when they were ready .He asked them what they felt during this meditation .It was a pleasant experience to do !

Then John said he was going to try to do some past regressions for those who were volunteers .Most of the people agreed to do it .He asked the people to relax and close their eyes .The past lives regressions were done without hypnosis because he does past lives regressions with hypnosis only for English speakers. He did a collective past lives regression with a background of music on "Mantra" track. People were asked to remember a period of their childhood and to  focus on it .Then , to remember what they were doing , who were they with, where were they....... and try to link these remembrances with some past lives .It's difficult to achieve results when people are not accustomed to do it , but it's worth trying ! Then John told the people they could open their eyes when they were ready .He asked them what they felt during the past lives regressions  .It was a pleasant experience to do ! Some people could  even remember some nice past times of their childhood they had completely forgot !

Then , John told us a story  about past lives regressions he did with a  boy in England.                                        " Two people came to my shop. They were Christians . They weren't fundamental Christians but just kind-of practising Christians. So they said "Could you come and see our son? He won't come to the shop ,he's very agitated". I said "what's his problem" and they said "He won't eat meat.". I said "BRILLIANT, that's great, what's the problem?" . They said "NO! He eats white bread milky-way and sugar-puffs since he was on solids". I said "that's weird". They said "he's been through psychiatrist, psychoanalysts, hypnotists, the lot. no-ones been able to help him, do you think you could help him?". I said probably not, but Id like to meet him. We got to the house and before the boy came in his dad said to me "I don't know if this is relevant but when he was 2, he told me that God told him not to eat meat". I said "God.. wow!" and he said "Do you believe THAT?". I said "well there's definitely a good story in it."                                                                                                                 So when the boy came in I said to him "Did you say God told you not to eat meat?". He said [stroppy teenager voice] "no" [normal] he was really a stroppy little kid  because he had so many people come and off-course I had asked a really stupid question. I mean who remembers what happened when they were two? So I said "sorry" and his dad looked at him and said "Andrew you did son, you did" So I tried to charm him a little bit.      I eventually put him into a trance and took him back to when he was 2 and I said "go to that time when you heard that voice". then he started to speak like a little child [innocent kids voice] "I'm laying in my pram" I said "very nice" and he said "and I've fallen asleep!". I said "good but as you fall asleep keep in touch". He said "All right". Then he went "I can hear a voice". His mum and dad were sitting on the edge of their seats, worried he was acting .                                                                                                                                                    So I said "don't worry there, its alright, don't worry. And then his voice changes and he says "Ill speak like the man" so I said "go on then" so he said [distinguished voice] "Andrew, look I'm telling you. As far as I'm concerned I don't find meat acceptable. I don't want you to offer it to me. However I'm going to leave it up to you. Its your responsibility". I said "who's that?" [child] "its God!!"  I said "can you see him?". HE said "its GOD, I know it is" . I said "very nice, thank you very much" I didn't tell him anything about reincarnation but I intuitively knew the whole story, the whole understanding why this was taking place. mainly through my experiences and a little bit of insight.                                                                                                                   I didn't say to him "go back, you've been in past life, something happened there." I just said "you're two years of age. As I count to three go back three years." that's all I said which ostensibly put him into a past life.                   So "one two three, look at you body". He had a look and said "I haven't got any arms" I said "what have you got". He said "four legs". I said "what are you?" HE said "I'm a shEEP!!!" . I said very nice. So I asked "now go into your mind and ask.. Why have I got a sheep's body?". He went ..... and then his face went white.. a big tear rolled out of his eye. "In my past life I was a man and wasn't kind to animals, now they're going to be unkind to me." [silence] that was the whole premise.                                                                                                          I took him back and brought him back quickly so he didn't have to go through something horrible in a slaughterhouse. I said "look, the basis of this is that you can eat so many wonderful things, but you don't have to touch flesh, that all right". He had understood it as "don't touch anything as it might be meat. He didn't see that there were other possibilities. And when he woke up his parents were completely like they wanted to throw me out of their house. But he sat there and said "I understand it!!.... you do that.. and then this and then.. .oooh!" He was really understanding the whole basis of how this life is so.".

Then he played alittle bit on his  Djembe for my own pleasure .

Then he asked people whether they had any questions.                                                                                 Somebody asked how John could be a singer and a devotee. John said that to be a devotee you don't have to withdraw anything from your life ; but on the contrary ,you add Krishna conciousness to your life.When he can talk to people about Krshna , he is happy.                                                                                                 Somedy else asked John how he has become a devotee .One day somebody rang at his door . He was his neighbour but John didn't know him because there were hudge walls around his previous house and he couldn't see anybody. This Indian neighbour had a book about Krsna consciousness with him and began to show it to John and to talk to him about Krsna.                  

  John concluded ; he thanked everybody for being such a good audience !

Then when the cultural event was finished  he  gave a private Djembe lesson to my penfriend's 10 year- old son . John showed him how to play Djembe ;The boy was so happy but very intimidated !

Then we sat in a round and John began to play the guitar and sang  ! Then some of the people sang as well !

Then we talked together and had an Indian dinner .   There was a friendly and warm-hearted atmosphere ! Everybody talked to everybody; some spectators exchanged their addresses .They bought some tapes .             11.30 pm, the evening ended! Everything was being packed.
 I hope you enjoyed this story !




5. Drumming workshop on July 7th 2004:

 John has been giving a session course for 8 weeks every Wednesday to youngsters , at the Bhativedanta Manor situated in the north of  London , in a classroom of the  Gurukula - primary school - of the monastery .




6.Manor Youth Club - school year 2004 / 2005



7.John's performance in St-Le-Beau on Friday , October 28th 2005 :

 4:30 p.m. : We arrived in St Pierre-des-Corps ; Phil was waiting for us on the train platform ; He had his "Rubettes" T.shirt on for us to recognize  him !!!!!!!   We said hello to each other ;This was the first time I 'd met Phil .He's such a clown ! He was always joking ! John had a sore throat ; Phil brought a jar of honey and  a bag of honey sweets for  John's throat ; Phil was giving a spoonful of honey to John ; too funny !



Phil drove us to the hotel to leave our luggage .We put our things in our rooms very quicky .


We went to the concert hall straight away .

About 5.30 p.m.; At the concert hall ; John checked he got eveything he needed : 2 microphones , a mini-disc-player , a CD player , 8 djembes ; He asked for a white board to write  the words of a song in sanskrit ; we put it on the right side of the stage .

 He did the check sounds : he sang , he played djembe.   

He asked me to walk to the end of the hall to test whether we can hear him ok.I told him that the music was a bit too loud but he he told me that when the audience is in the room, it will be ok .

Everything was ok ; He was happy .

7 p.m.: Eveything was ready , we went back to the hotel .We went to our rooms to get ready .

8.15 p.m.We arrived at the hall ; we went through the side door  not for the people  to see us - John and I -.We stayed in a tiny room next to the hall .John put his CDs on a small table .Then , I told him we could put the table in the hall on the right side of the stage .Some sponsors hadn't turned around yet . We  waited ; I was nervous .The performance began  by 9 p.m..

Phil  began to make a speech to thank all the sponsors who put up the money for the performance .


 There were quite many sponsors .Then he introduced John and I ; we came onto the stage ; People applaused . John began playing djembe ( in a frantic way) ; He was really into it ! People enjoyed it very much.

  John was hot !

then, John introduced himself .                                            I translated  .       

Then John did some inter-activity with the djembes. He asked 8 people to come and he told them he would teach them how to play djembe ; Phil 's mother who is 85 year old came and played djembe !!!!! Then , another 8 people came to be taught .


Then  John sang : Nitai Pada Kamala , Lovely Govinda from the album Paris 2005 and  Gaurangi 108  from the album “Flo Yoga” .


Then , he made a collective relaxation with chakra journey  from the album “Flo Yoga”. 

He worked on each chakra :                   

"I'm going to ask you  to visualize the 1st chakra imaging a red rose beneath the feet ; then draw the energy from the red rose into the 1st chakra to the base of the spine .  Now the beautiful red chakra is wide open and a red line encircles your body . Now we're coming to the 2nd chakra  which is  below your navel ; imagine a beautiful orange chrysantemus beneath you feet .It comes to your 2nd chakra .The petals peel back beautifully and the orange line encircles the red line around your body . Now we're coming up to the 3rd chakra ; this is the solar plexus chakra ; this 3rd chakra is yellow ; Now I want you to imagine a yellow daffodil ; This daffodil comes up to the 3rd chakra .The petals peel back wonderfully and the yellow line encircles the orange line around your body .Now we're coming up to the heart center which is green ; I want you to imagine a green leaf in front of you  trnasforming your heart center in the greatest gift you have .The green line encircles the yellow line around your body .Now we're coming up to the throat center ; Now , imagine a blue flower - any type of blue -  from the top of your head and down to the throat chakra ; your chakra is open wide and from within you can see a beautiful blue flower ; relax and enjoy this .   The blue line encircles the green line around your body .Now we're coming up to the 3rd eye ; the 3rd eye chakra is indigo ; You can imagine an iris flower above the top of your hand and down in your 3rd eye ; and think calm as you breath out ;this marvellous chakra is now open ; It is the chakra of spirituality .You relax deeper and deeper .The indigo line encircles the blue line around your body .Now we're coming to the last major chakra ; its colour is violet , imagine a violet bunch of flowers ; draw the energy into the top of your head ; the  chakra opens ; now all the chakras are open ; as you understand the Lord , make a prayer .The violet line encircles the indigo line around your body .The violet chakra travels down to your body and down to our mother Earth .  Mother Earth is so kind that she gives us back the energy back to us .Now , it's finished , I want you to imagine a bubble of love which will protect you ."

The meditation was over .


Then John sang Gaura Bhakta Vrnda from the album “Flo Yoga”.Then  John sang : Let it be me from the album  “Devoted to you“.

 He made 3 groups with the 3 rows of the audience ans each row had to sing in a different rhythm. He said we would beat the record in the guiness book of records.He made  the audience sing for 1mn 45 .


Then , John told us the story of a woman  who had  a multiple sclerosis ; John cured her with a past life regression therapy .This woman  -in one of her past lives-  was an indian woman from America . A tribe came in her village and some indians raped her  and killed her with a arrow in her stomach.She had this regression 20 years ago , and she is still alive and completely cured .


 Then John sang another  song : “Benediction” from the album Spiritual Rythym .

That's all ; this the end of the performance. 

John told the audience they can come and buy  his CDs.

Then , I told the audience that they could come and ask John some questions or talk to him .

Some people came and talked to him ; I translated  ; It was a nice atmosphere.  

This is  it ; We had been waited for this moment for 8 months !!!!!


Thank you to Cathy and Phil to send me these photos ; as I was on stage , I couldn't take any  exept the first one !

I made a Cd with the songs John sang on that evening ;if you're interested in getting one , please contact me at  :

The CD is sold 10 euros+ 1 euro for postage ; all the profits will go to John 's charity project .



aTo have a look at Phil's photos , click on the link :

: and click on Concert St Martin 2005

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8. John's Charity concert  - Orchard Theatre - Dartford -England ,June 25th  2007  



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