John Richardson  was born in Dagenham, Essex and still lives in the same County in England. He has become one of the world's leading percussionists playing with musicians such as David Essex, Boy George, Carl Douglas and John Lodge. He was a member of the Rubettes between 1974 and 1979 selling over 20 million discs across the world. He has come back into the Rubettes in 2000.

In 1980 he became an alternative Therapist devoting his life to helping others through his music, hypnotherapy, past-life regression therapy and Reflexology. In 1985 he was awarded into Devi Sarasvati mantra (the Goddess of learning and music). In 1989 he came into contact with his eternal spiritual master, His Divine Grace Srila Siva Rama Swami Maharaja and in 1989 was awarded with Hari Nama initiation followed by the sacred Gayatri mantra in 1992.


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